Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our first house guest!

Just a few short days until a best friend arrives in town for some summer time fun.
This chica was a maid of honor and always there for me every step of the wedding journey.
Charlie and I were very blessed with many dear friends who were there for us each step of the way.
Rachel was a huge surprise when she showed up the evening I got engaged!!!
Then there she was again for both my bridal shower and lingerie shower.
Now she is going to be our very first real house guest.
While she will be taking over the baby's room for a few nights, I'm thrilled to have her staying with us!
We have plans for an afternoon at the horse race, spending hours at the pool, a day trip to the city, many games of dominion, a few new chick flicks, a massage, grilling out on the patio, hopefully a bonfire, lots of tea, some red wine and celebrating fathers day and a birthday!!!  

Sooooo, I better come up with a makeshift bed so she doesn't end up in the crib and I better get-a-scrubbing round the house!   Time to do some nesting and polish things up a bit.
This is when I'm really thankful for such a great hubby who loves to clean with me! =)

This upcoming weekend somehow feels like the official start to summer.
Cheers to more pool time, an upcoming trip to Hawaii, trips to Ravinia concerts, grilling out, hammocks and bonfires and getting ready for this little bebe!!! I can already tell that June will fly by, but it is filled with many beautiful things.  Now to hold on to every beautiful moment! 

What are your plans for June????