Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A little morning routine

Can I just say that I love my sleep!!!  Most days I would much rather sleep in than wake up early.
But.....on those days when I can drag myself from the slumbers of sleep, I'm so happy I did.
Having a Nespresso machine keeps me out of Starbucks and my pregnancy caffeine intake to a bare minimum.  And I still love my steaming, foamy cappuccino every morning!

Just the other morning, it was early and still grey and dreary out, but I made it quietly downstairs and fixed a hot cappuccino.   Having a quiet hour to wake up, light a candle and simply relax as I drank my morning cappuccino was delightful.  If you use a Nespresso machine, you should definitely try the Colombian limited edition!  On a scale of  1-10 the two flavor intensities that come in the Columbian blend are a 6 and a 7 so very mild and mellow.  

What is your favorite way to wake up in the morning?  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All Things Baby

HELLO week 20, we are beyond HAPPY you are here!!!!!
 Only one more full day (or exactly 40 hours :) until we find out if we are having a boy or a girl!!!!!!
We cannot wait to find out.  I'm getting terribly antsy to to know.
Once we find out, then I can really get some projects done around the nursery!
My husband is certain that we are having a little girl but if it happens to be a boy, these little pink washcloths will be going back =)  And if it's a boy......
we will be looking for similar blue bed linens to go with this bed:
I just came across this quote this week and want to have it framed and placed on the door outside the nursery.  How beautiful?!?!
 Banana cupcakes from Sprinkles have been fulfilling my pregnancy cravings for sweets, even at breakfast, okay, especially at breakfast!!!!
 There was one random evening last week that was surprisingly uneventful.  I decided to go on a library trip and frozen yogurt date all by my lonesome self and it was great!
 I just ordered this sweet wrap for our little one.  I want to start practicing wrapping myself in it now.  It will most likely be the trickiest little puzzle I've tried building, but so worth it!  I want to carry my baby around everywhere I go.
 This past Sunday was the start of our Bradley Method classes and so far so good taking in a ton of information all at once!  My hubby was a trooper helping pick out a new yoga mat and carrying in my pillow!
 And of course, we can't wait to read to our little one!
We've already picked out and even received (for Easter) some of our favorite childhood books.
Now we can pass them on to our children.
More updates to come very, very soon!!
This baby is already extremely loved and we can't wait to see him or her for the very first time on Thursday!!!!
Wouldn't it just be okay to sleep until then?!?!?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Thoughts

  1. Drinking a morning cappuccino by candle light while the house is still and quiet is the best way to start the morning, in my opinion at least =)
  2. These two full days off from work are amazeballs!!!  I made the last minute decision to hop the train with my mom and brother later this afternoon just so I can spend time with them.  While our primary reason for the trip is my brother's heart checkup, who knows what other adventures will ensue.  
  3. I'm looking forward to purging, cleaning and spending tomorrow morning with my hubby!  He will be fixing broken faucets----horray!!!---- and I will be organizing :)
  4. I LOVE having friends who are pregnant at the same time as me.  Not to mention, all three of us ladies are due mid September.  I told my husband last night how fun this is and he laughed, "you will all be in labor together too!"  It's extra exciting because right now we are all finding out what we are having!  
  5. Here is to hoping that tomorrow afternoon holds a much needed prenatal massage.  80 min. massages are the BEST!  That extra 30 min. allows me to almost fall asleep.
  6. Tomorrow should be up in the 70s again and warm weather is always welcome around here.  
  7. Maybe I'll catch some time tomorrow for letter writing and more blogging.  It's good to find time for both these things.
What are your plans for this weekend?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Bump Week 19

Our little babe is growing big and strong!  It's such a wonderful moment feeling the baby moving and kicking on and off all day now.  It's not a strong kick, just still a flutter strong enough to make me stop, stand still and enjoy the moment.  It definitely catches my attention every time!

I'm still craving fruit and lots of it!  Blackberries have been delicious and I can't find boxes big enough.
Another strange night time craving has been for homemade chocolate malts.  This one is all my husbands fault.  I didn't know I would be craving malts until he asked me to pick up the ingredients from the store last week =)  They are soooo soothing and delicious!
Still not a fan of cooking though.  Thank goodness my husband is so easy going.  He even cooked me an amazing lunch yesterday!  He's getting ready to help take over when the little one is born.

I've been lucky this past week with two nights sleep completely uninterrupted.   My little bladder lasted all night for a few nights in a row.....never knew how much I would appreciate this!!!

We just signed up for our Bradley Method classes that start this Sunday!  I'm both excited and yet a little nervous about all the information I'll be absorbing in a 3 hr. session.  This will be such a wonderful thing for both me and the hubs.  I can tell he is really glad he will be taking the classes.  He wants to learn and be ready for the baby's arrival.

We have our one ultrasound all scheduled for May 1st!!!!!!!!!!   
This day can't come fast enough.  It will be the very first time we "meet" our little one and find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  Personally, I'm really excited to know.
I'm really curious about what emotions I will feel when we see our little baby for the first time.
I just told my dear friend Tina (who is also expecting their first) that I wished I could go to sleep for a week and wake up just in time for our ultrasound. =)

And pretty soon I'll be heading off to my sometimes, almost daily, nap!
Still. need. my. sleep. zzzzzzzzzzz

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!   We are half way through :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Nest Fluffing

 Here is some of my new favorite inspiration for putting finishing touches on our home:
These photos are via my new favorite instagram account, (alainakaz) from The Every Girl!!!
I just love her colors and how she has actually gotten so many beautiful prints on her walls.  I guess I've just been waiting for prints that really mean something to me before I start throwing them up on the wall.

So before little babe comes, I want to get a lot of "nest fluffing" done!  I've been tackling one little project at a time and now it's time to get some serious projects completed around here.  I want to call these projects "nest fluffing" because I want to get our little nest cozy and homey before the baby comes. As of right now, all our walls are completely bare.  I partially don't mind this because it's clean and easy on the eye, but I want to change this.  We will see how many things I can get checked off of this list before September.  I'm sure not all of it will happen, but these are my major goals, especially with garage sale season coming quickly upon us, I gotta have my list ready!!!! =)

Here is my ultimate LIST of all the major projects I want to get done before the baby comes:

-Spruce up the family room!  I still need to get pictures back up on the walls, find a coffee table or ottoman, find and arrange a few lamps and come up with end tables for the sofa.
- have hubby help fix broken faucets in the bathroom.  I hate broken things!
-finish all the painting projects such as the upstairs hallway and the baby's room.
-reframe and hang up all our pictures.
-Print wedding pictures in large sizes and frame in matching black or white frames.
-garage sale and find a few extra lamps and home decor to cozy things up a bit.
-Buy a shoe rack/bench for in the front hall.
-Find a tall kitchen cabinet for storing pantry like items and all those bigger items such as blenders which are currently lining the top of our cabinets in the kitchen.
-Find a pretty clock and matching cork board for in the kitchen.
-Find a huge classic rug for in the baby's room.
-Buy a king size bed, top priority with a third family member on the way! :)
-Have all the carpet cleaned upstairs before baby arrives.
-Find my hubby a nice bar cart at a garage sale.
-Find a great glider rocking chair so that I can start rocking the baby important!

If I can keep up with two or three things a month off of this list, we will be in good shape!
I love getting big items checked off my "to-do list" and we've been highly successful at it these past two-three months!!!  It's called biting the bullet, picking one major item to tackle and just doing it.

Do you enjoy making "to-do" lists?
What kinds of strategies do you employ to help get major things accomplish around the house?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby Nursery Update, Week 18

We are on our 18th week with our little bambino!
Yesterday we received the order from our doctor for our ultrasound.  
May 2nd can't come fast enough!!!
This past week mommy and daddy have been pretty sick with colds and haven't had a ton of energy to get projects done around the house.  Even still, little baby Morrison's nursery is coming together beautifully!  We now have all the pieces of furniture below thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law and my sister's sweet therapist.  The only piece I've had to buy so far is this adorable bookcase for our baby's books, blankets and toys:
So, little story about this cute bookcase:
The only reason adding the matching bookcase was even an option was because Restoration Hardware was having a great little sale (Thanks to my MIL for telling me :).   Plus, since it was my first time ever ordering with them, I thought I might get the extra 10% new member discount.  But, while I tried ordering online it wouldn't add the second discount.  So, I thought it was worth a shot to give the company a call!  I called the 800 number and got a nice gentleman on the phone.   I told him I was a newlywed and we were expecting our first.  I told him how we were gifted so many wonderful items from their store and that I wanted to complete our baby's bedroom with this last item, but we were on a budget and I was wondering if he would give me the second discount?  Well, not only did he give me the second discount, but whatever numbers he plugged in....he ended up giving me a HUGE discount!!!!!  Thank you Mr. nice guy from Restoration Hardware =) 
Below is the dresser that was gifted to us by my sister's therapist.  She is also giving us the changing table topper that you set on top, perfect, one less piece of furniture!!
I'm in love with this lamp that my MIL ordered with....
Baby Morrison's crib mattress!!!!!
Restoration Hardware has a great organic mattress that is half the price of other places.  The idea of organic was important to us because little baby's head will be laying on this mattress for so many hours.  These have been by far, the most exciting boxes to arrive at our house yet!
Now I'm just searching for wall color ideas for in the baby's room....I'm contemplating this light cream:
what do you think???
And if it's a girl, I'm in LOVE with these bed linens!!!
This whole room actually, it soothes my heart and my mind.  So simple, so light and airy, so bright and happy!  And if it's a boy, I would set up the same room, just with a blue bedskirt =)
And of course the crib!  I'm in love with the crib.  Another huge "thank you" to my sister's therapist for giving us this crib:
We would never have been able to have such a lovely set of baby furniture had it not been for so many sweet and generous people.  Now I'm thrilled to have furniture that we love and I know will last for all our babies!!!

The excitement is growing pretty rapidly around here these days and we can't wait to find out if we are having a baby boy or a baby girl!!!
Everything becomes more of a reality each day.  This week little baby is being covered in a layer of cream called vernix caseosa which protects the baby's skin and mommy is starting to feel little flutter kicks from our baby.
Kick away little one, kick away!
I know I might not be saying this in a few weeks, but for right now, the feeling is sure welcomed by mommy =)


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Little Bambino's First Trip!

Little baby Morrison took his/her very first trip on a plane just over a week ago. 
  It might not have
been our favorite plane ride, but it was worth seeing....
these lovely ladies!!!!
 Just saying "Hey" to my hubby and thanking him for letting us have this time together!
In all honesty, it really gave him some extra time too, to hang out with his buddies :) 
 And only being gone for less than a week, the little babe really grew!
 Lovely walks were had...
 as well as head massages and back-rubs!
And sadly the week came to a quick end as little babe and I boarded the plane home to see daddy!
Each day was a blessing and very relaxing and more wonderful memories were made!!!
Thank you Rachel for having us to visit, even if it wasn't to swim in the pool or sip gin and tonics!!! 
We still had a marvelous time =)