Monday, December 30, 2013

settling into married life

 Having been married for almost three months now, we are still settling into married life and will probably be doing so for the next year or more.  It is not something to be rushed, but savored.  I'm cherishing each step of settling into married life, making a house a home.
I love where we live!  The location is extremely convenient for visiting all our family members, for running to the store and getting to work.
The size of our place is perfect, not to big, not too small.  I don't like having to clean a large house, so for now, a two bedroom, two and a half bathroom living space is perfect for us!
There is plenty of room for a few more in this place. =)
On a large scale, being all grown up and married has meant new tires and a new dyer, sadly.   On a small scale it has meant new lamps, trash cans and light fixtures.
On another scale it has been the beautiful and precious treasures from our wedding that fill our house with personal touches that we call our own.

With Thanksgiving being a week later than usual and with Christmas time being right around the corner from our wedding, everything Christmas seemed rather rushed and really busy this year.  I'm looking forward to the next two months.  Hopefully it will be a lot less busy and give us more time to settle in.
Heck, for the time we've had and with everything going on,  I think we've gotten a bit done!
It has felt good.  Really good indeed.
I'm definitely looking forward to the New Year and all the adventures and surprises it will bring!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Sunday Currently, vol. 15

Reading:  The Light Between Oceans.  

Writing:  notes to friends and family.  Between the holidays, wedding thank you notes, taking on a second little side job and settling into married life, it felt good to actually get around to ordering New Years cards to share with loved ones.  

Listening:  to A Nights Tale.  Zoning in and out between blogging and the movie.  Sundays are for relaxing.

Thinking:  that this will be a very short week.  I'm looking forward to an evening in the city for New Years Eve, even though I'll really be missing my annual New Years traditions with Rachel.  

Wishing:  that Sundays could last longer.  After using Saturdays for catching up around the house, Sundays come much appreciated.

Hoping:  that we get more snow this week.  Call me crazy, but I haven't had enough of it this winter.

Wearing:  zella yoga pants and a warm sweater.

Loving:  pickles lately.  More and more pickles, paired with icecream.  And no, it's not what you might think.  Just crazy cravings. 

Wanting:  to find a new gym to go running at.  I miss working out sooooo much!!!!!  I miss boot camp!

Needing:  to keep the side table in the above picture de-cluttered.  It's my new years resolution this year.

Feeling:  grateful for family and friends.  Can't wait to catch up with a dear dear friend from college tomorrow afternoon!!

Clicking:  through my some of my favorite blogs and catching up a bit.

Grab a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket and enjoy yourself 
a very relaxing Sunday!!!
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's still Christmas

While some people put their tree on the curb the day after Christmas, we are a little different in this regard.  Growing up, we typically didn't even get our Christmas tree until a few days before Christmas.   Yes, there was even one year when we picked out our tree on December 24th.  Talk about down to the wire!!! While at times it felt like we were "cutting it close" I enjoyed holding off, making the anticipation that much more exciting!   Plus, while everyone else was getting rid of their tree the day after Christmas, we were just getting into the holiday spirit as we celebrated Baby Jesus' Birth and could party on way past when most of the world was already done celebrating.  Now, I think I like a good balance.  I've decided this year that I don't like the bitter cold that can come with cutting down a tree later in the season.  So next year, we will probably be heading to the tree farm the weekend after Thanksgiving!!!

A big "thank you" to my good friend,  Tina for recommending a great camera!  An even better idea of hers to ask for it this Christmas =) My hubby surprised me Christmas day and I've been snapping away ever since:

Friday, December 27, 2013

A wonderful Christmas surprise!

Thank you my sweet sweet hubby!!!  This Christmas he surprised me with a new camera!!!
Under our little tree a Canon was waiting until Christmas morning.  This was our very first Christmas as newlyweds!  We decided to wake up a little early the morning of so we could enjoy some time to ourselves before heading to our parents places.  I had plans of making two cups of coffee to enjoy while we exchanged packages, but alas, there wasn't enough milk.  My husband graciously offered to let me have the coffee while he woke up with a cold glass of Mountain Dew.  What a guy!!! 
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new camera!!!
I played around with it yesterday and can't wait learn what it does.
My husband is my number one blogger fan and always such an inspiration when it comes to my loves and hobbies in life. 
Thank you, dear, for encouraging me and for giving me such wonderful tools to fulfill my dreams!
I love you!!!

Here are two of the very first pictures taken on my new baby!
Can't wait to share some more.
More Christmas photos coming soon =)

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Morrison Christmas Tree!

This was our second year making a trip to the tree farm together!!!  Crazy to think that just last year we cut down a tree as boyfriend and girlfriend and this year there we were on the search for our first tree as a married couple.  Even though we were bundled, we still braved an extremely cold winterday to hunt and search for the perfect little tree for a newlywed couple.
And when I say cold outside, it was absolutely freezing!!!!  We weren't even into our search for five minutes and I literally couldn't feel my fingers.  The hunting didn't last long and we found a cute little tree to call our very own.
Great job, honey!  Charlie had that baby cut down in a jiffy so we could head back on the tractor to a warm building that had hot cider.

This year it wasn't just the Morrisons that went on a tree hunt, but also my family!
I love this guy so much!!!  He never ceases to warm my heart.

We love our new little family's Christmas tree this year!
This is such a happy time of year filled with family, love, new traditions and waiting for little baby Jesus.  I hope everyone is having a very blessed Advent.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Life Lately

Life lately.....
has involved several lazy afternoons spent cooking some cozy winter meals.
A favorite is lemon chicken with homemade croutons!
Which turns into leftover chicken soup the very next day.  
Perfect for those really cold winter days.
Other afternoons have been spent picking up flowers just because, grabbing cups of coffee, christmas shopping earlier than usual, spending hours blogging in the coffee house and putting together christmas packages (in November, what?!?!  what's wrong with me?!?!?! I never get to these things this early!!!).
It was kinda nice though.  Getting things done early for once!
I spent a whole afternoon arranging and packaging parcels.
A sweet friend that I made through blogging had the great idea that we should carry on the fun memory of how we met through a gift exchange by sending each other a Christmas parcel. 
Have I mentioned that it's wonderful being a Mrs. Morrison?!?! =)
Here is all the sweet Christmas cheer that arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago!
What thoughtful and beautiful gifts for a newlywed couple for their first Christmas together.  We are already enjoying many of these gifts!
Coffee dates with the bro!
Tackling some DIY projects around the house by switching out old chandeliers....
 for new ones!!!
 And as you can see, we've decided to paint the entire first floor, head to toe!
 And lately I've been baking a whole bunch of pecan pumpkin pies!
Two for Thanksgiving alone =)
 Our tradition of Thanksgiving at gramma's house continues on year after year and we LOVE this
family tradition.  So many ridiculous laughs, it hurts your cheeks!!!
 Love this guy!
 Enjoying the day off work the Friday after Thanksgiving by taking a trip into the city.
Now we are off to the cabin for the rest of Thanksgiving break.
 Just the hubby and our dog,Odin!  The boys both love it up there.
So grateful for such a relaxing and full weekend with family and friends.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to remember how thankful you are for all the important (and sometimes less important) people in your life.  Remember to go out of your way to tell those around you how much you love them, as a family member or a friend.  This really touches their hearts and lets them know they are loved and appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!!
I'm off to pack for the cabin, whoot, whoot =)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Sunday Currently, vol. 14

Reading:  the british country living magazines in Barnes and Noble!  Gosh I love those magazines. 

Writing:  several blog posts for this week.

Listening:  to music playing in the backround.....Andrea Bocelli I think.

Thinking:  that I can't wait to finish our painting project on the first floor at home.  It will be wonderful being able to put everything back up on the walls where they belong.  So many exciting loose ends to pull together.  

Smelling:  my salted caramel mocha, a new found favorite at Starbucks!!! =)

Wishing:  that the weekend could last forever.  I'm loving this relaxing weekend with my husband.

Hoping:  that our new dining room chandelier comes from Pottery Barn this week.  I'm super excited to put this up and I hope it works in our dining room space.  They accidentally mispriced it in the catalogue for waayyy cheaper than it is supposed to be!  Triple score for us!!! Not a bad misprint at all.

Wearing:  a bright canary yellow J.Crew skirt, a forest green Anthropology sweater and fall boots. Pretty comfy for Sunday best!

Loving:  my dear husband who surprises me with cups of coffee paired with biscotti and accompanied by beautiful Fall and Winter candles!!!!!!!!  I LOVE this guy so freaking much =)  he knows they way to my heart and can totally speak my love language. 

Wanting:  to crank some tunes and get to work painting this afternoon.  Thanks to the hubby and the brother for tackling this project with me.

Needing:  to do laundry!  Nuff said.

Feeling:  grateful for pretty flowers just because and days when I can take the time to set the table a bit more fancy for the hubby and his dinner.

Clicking:  through my favorite blogs this fine Sunday afternoon.  Head over to Tina's Blog and enter her sweet giveaway today!

Grab a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket and enjoy yourself 
a very relaxing Sunday!!!
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