Friday, November 28, 2014

Motherhood Moments

Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts God has blessed me with. 
 Try as I may, I never could imagine what it would be like to be a mom until that day, the day I will never forget, when my little sweet pea Evelyn Lois was born.  
When she came along, my life changed forever!  My heart bursts every morning when I wake up to this precious face.  I still can't believe that I get to be her mother and take care of her every day.  Never has there been a moment when I've been holding or nursing this babe of mine that I wished I was doing anything else.  In these two and a half short months, I have had some time to reflect on these glorious days of being a new mommy and wanted to document some thoughts about motherhood, sharing them with you.  

Being a nursing mom, I've craved water like never before!  It hits, just like that....boom, I need to drink an ocean full of water.  Where was this craving when I needed it during pregnancy?!?! OH, that's right, my bladder has room again ;)  Drink tons of water, then drink some more!

Even if there isn't time for a full on shower, days are looking good if mom gets in a quick body shower and some makeup.  In fact, I recommend it, especially putting on some makeup, it makes you feel a bit more put together, even if the sink full of dishes says otherwise.  
Now I understand what "three day old" hair means and understand how and why it happens, it just does.  Those are the days we wear perfume and don't hug people.  Real life folks!

Staying in bed and snuggling with baby till 11am is the best kind of day.  There will perpetually be housecleaning, cooking or errands to run.  When Evelyn is grown I know I won't be wishing I spent more time cleaning while my baby was in a swing, just craving her mother's touch.   

When I do run errands, we go at Evelyn's pace, meaning we nurse in the car in random parking lots as well as in any available dressing room or ladies lounge, then we do the shopping.

When Evelyn is in the mood for a nice nap, I run at lightning speed and empty the dishwasher, do the laundry, grab a cheese stick or make a sandwich, clean the bathroom with a few quick swipes of whatever dirty clothes lay on the ground ( just kidding :)  write thank you notes, make the bed, take out the trash, vacuum, drink some more coffee, answer e-mails, think about dinner and only get as far as pulling the pan out to cook when its time to snuggle my waking babe again.  The minute she wakes, I immediately drop whatever I'm doing and hold my little love.  Then we nurse the rest of the day on demand, another reason this pumpkin has never had the need to cry.

Then we snuggle, snuggle and snuggle some more!  Guess who's in my lap right now? Never knew how "easy" it was to blog one handed....not too bad eh?

Speaking of blogging, when you have a newborn or children, give yourself a long break from blogging, it's a really healthy thing to do.  It's helped me to refocus and put my focus on better priorities.

Our best days are when we hold up at home and aren't on the go.  Evelyn seems to be a baby that likes routine.  At nighttime she falls asleep for the evening around 9:30pm.  In the middle of the night when Evelyn wakes to eat, I turn on the light as dim as possible and refrain from talking.  I think that this has helped immensely with her knowing that nighttime is for sleeping.  On average she sleeps a good 11-12 hours a night with one to two feedings in-between.  

Also, whenever I snuggle this little love, I try and cherish the moment as much as possible, not thinking about the million other things that could be done or need to be done.  They can wait, while this moment  won't.

Think this mama has had plenty of time to contemplate lately? Thank you iphone notepad for temporarily holding a mom's many thoughts!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A giveaway to celebrate week 39!!!!

Here we are, at week 39!!!  I can almost feel the ribbon at the end of the finish line.  Hallelujah!!!  Any day now, we will meet our sweet baby girl.  Of course, at this point, "labor day" can't come soon enough =) We are trying really hard to be patient.  In the mean time, there are still things to do that keep my mind off of the long wait. Soooo, let's have a fun giveaway to keep this mama busy!  This giveaway is sponsored by ASOS Maternity Line!!!
I was contacted by ASOS this summer and they asked me to review their maternity line.  Being a first time mom, I was thrilled to try a new line of maternity clothing.   I picked out these two shirts and love them!  The quality of their maternity clothing is SO good that after this baby comes, I plan on sharing these shirts with a good friend due in December.  The material is very soft and I'm loving the longer sleeves!   In browsing through their maternity line, I did get side tracked with all of the other products ASOS has to offer =)  Two things I couldn't resist picking up was their eiffel tower jewelry tray and a beautiful necklace, both of which I'm giving away to one lucky reader!!!!  This way, both my pregnant and non-pregnant friends can enjoy this fun giveaway!!!

Good luck =)

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our Baby Girl's Nursery

    Our baby girl's nursery is all set for her to arrive! Even though she won't be in this room until she is a bit older, I still wanted everything ready and waiting.  Working on the nursery wasn't something I wanted to be doing once the baby came.  It is by far my favorite room in the whole house and I find myself time and again just sitting in her room or rocking in her rocking chair as we wait patiently for her to arrive.   Besides a few small items and the wonderful glider from my hubby, everything in the baby's room has been gifted to us!   I did add the bookcase and side table to pull everything together and I couldn't be more happy with how soothing the room turned out.   We kept the room as neutral as possible with the cream walls and accents of grey so that the room could also be easily set up for a baby boy one day.  It was fun adding hints of pastel pink throughout the room and that made the room plenty sweet for a baby girl!!!  Here is how her nursery has turned out since our baby shower last week:

 If you want to see an adorable baby boy nursery, head over to my good friend Tina's Blog!  We are due two days apart and have enjoyed sharing conversations back and forth throughout our entire pregnancies.  We are still waiting for the BIG text saying one of us is finally in labor!!!! =)

So, so soon!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Counting Down the Days!

I married a romantic!
Walking around Irish Fest is a great workout!

We are counting down the days, literally days, no longer months!  Hallelujah. 26 days give or take.

Boy (I mean Girl), looking back, these 8 months have felt like a really long time.  I feel like I've been pregnant forever and ever.  Good thing I love being pregnant!!!  Still, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel feels a-m-a-z-i-n-g. 

Little baby girl's great grandmother came over yesterday afternoon to take a peek at her nursery.  I love sharing all of this baby joy with my grandmother.  It's sooooo much fun!!!  We both love getting all giddy and excited about things like this.  She still talks about the day I was born and how she took my sister to the park and when they came back home I was already born!

Two nights ago Charles offered to pick up all the remaining items we needed for our little girl's birth.  What a sweetheart he is!  Fully confident he would find all the items I placed in my text request, I still decided to "pop-in" and see how his shopping was going!  I found him in the movie aisle, with two different mattress pads in hand.  Gotta balance that purchase out you know =)  We finished the shopping together as I waddled through the store very slowly.  Never know when it will be my last time in the store.

At this point, I probably only have two or three shirts that technically "fit" and the rest, well the rest just get stretched over this big huge belly taking full advantage of meaning"stretch" material!!

My grandma keeps saying it makes her nervous that I'm out and about shopping and driving and that she feels the need to carry a basket around, just in case!  She cracks me up.  I think she forgets how Irish I am and that it takes a lot to stop me.   Speaking of stopping me, there I was yesterday evening, attempting a last minute grocery run so that I could make my hubby something good to eat.  He is the sweetest, kindest, most easy going guy in the world.   He could care less if I fed him cereal for dinner, but feeding him cereal has never made me feel like a good wife.  So, what does determination and motivation do to a pregnant lady???  It drives me to attempt not one, but two home cooked meals AND baking home made cookies all in the same evening!  Aside from the shattered jar from one end of the house to the other, everything worked out in the end and Charlie was an extra happy camper when he got home! A fancy taco feast for dinner last night and yummy Fall stew for lunch today.

Speaking of Fall, I cannot wait for Pumpkin spiced lattes.  Supposedly they come out September 2nd, not that I asked or anything :)  And not wanting to do anything besides hold and stare at a baby all day come mid September, I decided to put our Fall pillows and candles out last week.  Maybe a little premature, but at least it's done and I don't have to think about it.   

The nesting continues on, some days stronger than others.  Just this past Tuesday, there I was on my hands and knees scrubbing bathroom floors.  Boy did it feel good, at the time anyways.  The next day, my lower back did NOT thank me!  On Thursday the chiropractor said it perfectly, "well, you're well adjusted up-top which means emotionally, you got a lot of satisfaction out of scrubbing the floors, but your lower back, your lower back is all out of whack and does not thank you for pushing it past it's limit!"  Ha, ha, ha oh well, we've been adjusted and are back to normal now!

Little girl has been moving around quite a bit these days.  Several times a day I will see and feel her little leg poking out from the side of my tummy!!!  It's the cutest thing EVER!!!  

Get here already little girl!!!!  We are ready for you :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl, 
Mommy and Daddy couldn't be more ready or more excited to meet you!!! Your mommy has been falling asleep with happy tears in her eyes because she is getting overwhelmed with the emotion of how close your birth is.  Only 4 more weeks little one!

You are more active than ever these days and the two times you enjoyed steak this week, you went nuts.  I think I know what your favorite food is :)  We've been beefing up the protein, salad and fruit intake and cutting out all carbs and sugars which has been good because mom's lost weight and the doctor's been happy.  Win-win!

Just this past Friday your sweet daddy picked up your glorious glider and ottoman so mommy could keep rocking you in the mornings upstairs in your nursery!  I have to admit, your papa looks like a pro when he sits in it and he literally squeals out of joy and excitement when he thinks of you being on his shoulder or in his arms!!!  With a glider in your room and one downstairs, you've been getting rocked twice a day.  Here's to hoping you're a baby who LOVES being rocked instead of walked!!!  I know it works for some babies, but not all.  Let's keep our fingers crossed for mom and dad's sake, okay?

Your mom has been reading Well Adjusted Babies when she can't fall asleep at night and has been prepping for these last few weeks.  Last night was our first cup of Raspberry Leaf tea to help strengthen the uterus for birth and post birth.  Our friends swear by its magical powers!

Now that your nursery is all complete and set up, clothes washed and in drawers, I guess it's time to check off the last items on our birthing list.  Mom has the towels all washed for the birth, but she still has to pick up a water proof mattress pad and some safety pins at the store.....those last loose ends.
Last night daddy surprised mommy with a few boxes of Tucks.  It's hilarious how things like that seriously become sweet gestures of thoughtfulness when you become parents =)  

Speaking of the really romantic thoughtful, your daddy is one of the most thoughtful guys I know!  Your papa sent surprise flowers last week with a note about how excited he was that we were counting down from the one month mark!!!!!!!!! Can't tell you enough how much that encouraged and motivated me to think "we can do this!!!!" We both seriously can't wait to meet you sweet baby girl.  We are guessing the time what you will look like.....will you have hair, will it be blonde or black, how much will you end up weighing, will you come on time, late or even, of all shocking things, early?

Your mama is super excited to celebrate your life this weekend with friends and family!  Both grandmas and both great grandmas will be at your shower.  How fun is that, little one?!?! 

Up until this point, you've really let your mama sleep pretty well through the night, but all within the matter of a week, that has completely changed.  Now you keep me up on and off all night.  Things are starting to get pretty heavy and uncomfortable, which is probably a good thing because it just means we are getting closer.  If we don't think in the positive, we'll moan in discomfort.

Fall is slowly creeping into the air and daddy has brought in a handful of yellow leaves.  This makes us soooo happy because it reminds us that we are closer to meeting you!!!!  We can't wait for you to come so we can keep you outdoors enjoying the Fall weather.  Taking you to the cabin, the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch and traditional Fall festivals are on our top priority list for after you arrive, so hurry on out here little one!

Mom is definitely going to miss being pregnant with you, but she is even more excited to finally hold you in her arms all day and all night.  Seeing daddy hold you for the very first time is going to be magical, just like watching daddy's face as mom walked down the aisle at church :) nothing else like it. 

We love you, love you, love you, sweet little babe!!!! 
See you ever SO soon our little girl!
Mommy & Daddy

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Sunday Currently, vol. 19

Reading:  A book from the Chiropractor called "Well Adjusted Babies" and this book is BY FAR my favorite book of my entire pregnancy!!!  So many helpful suggestions, even for these last weeks of pregnancy!  Couldn't recommend this book enough. 

Writing:  "thank you notes" to all the sweet Tae Kwon Do moms who have been showering us with baby books, baby outfits and manicures and pedicures for mommy, (who definitely can't reach her toes anymore)!    

Listening:  to my husbands motivational Tae Kwon Do movie in the background before he tests again today.

Thinking:  that I should start washing baby clothes really soon!!!  I just brought home a huge rubbermaid filled with gorgeous baby clothes from when my little sister was just a newborn.  Can't wait to see what's in there. 

Wishing:  baby would come a week or two early, I wouldn't mind at all =)

Hoping:  that today is another amazing pool day!  Need more sunshine before Fall comes.  It's right around the corner, at least according to all the leaves on the ground already!

Smelling:  My favorite Anthropologie candle.

Wearing:  maternity pajamas and a soft pink nursing robe from my mother in law!

Loving:  having a fridge once again!!!!  I'm loving eating at home, snacking on veggies and fruit and making cappuccinos again every morning before work. 

Wanting:  two full days to finish getting this house cleaned and in order.  Purging and cleaning has been in full force around here lately and I want to keep it up/finish it.  I'm ready to sit back in the rocking chair and wait for babe.

Needing:  a nap, again.  

Enjoying: late night walks around the neighborhood with my hubby. 

Missing:  the above view in Hawaii.  Besides the incredibly long flight, I'm ready to go back!!!! 

Anticipating:  little babes arrival in 5 weeks or less :)........or more! :(

Have yourself  
a very relaxing Sunday!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

I can't wait to take my little girl back to Serpentine's Kitchen in London on a cool and breezy Fall day!


But for right now, we are enjoying week 32 of being pregnant.  This morning my hubby had his hand on my belly for the longest time while he was still half asleep.  He was awake enough to giggle as our little girl kept kicking up a storm.  Charles said, "oh boy, we are in trouble....if she is that active now, we are in for it, she is literally playing patty cake with me!"  These are the moments I'm really going to miss about being pregnant.  Even as I type, she feels like she is in there doing flips and somersaults!!!  

As much as I can't wait to meet this baby girl, I'm thoroughly enjoying being pregnant.  I'm trying every day to appreciate being a first time mom.  This is the only time I can really enjoy being pregnant without chasing other children around the house.  Plus, nap time will never be this easy again! :)

In case you want to stick around and read some more.......

Here's 5 for Friday:
1.  I love supporting small etsy business owners such as Jen Loves Kev.  I bought a necklace from her recently and when it arrived yesterday, I fell in love with it!!!  Definitely a fun and unique necklace. Here are some pictures of Taza wearing a similar necklace to mine!

2.  Nesting is in full swing these days.....
24 rolls of paper towels, 280 capsules of delicious survival espresso, bottles and bottles of contact solution, gallons of laundry detergent, scrubbing under sinks, getting the car washed and I'm getting ready to hold up with little babe.  Actually, we won't be holding up inside because we plan on being out and about in the gorgeous Fall weather together, but being in the store shopping is the last thing I want to waste time on when the little one is here! 

3.  Can't wait to finally find a new fridge this weekend!!!  You don't realize how much you appreciate having something as practical as a fridge till it's been gone for a few weeks.  Fridge hunting isn't as exciting as stroller hunting, but it will be great to get this errand done!

4.  Can't wait to share an exciting little giveaway with all of you next week!!!   Come back later to find out more. =)

5.  Also, looking forward to the painter coming tomorrow to tackle our big upstairs hallway with the dangerously tall ceilings!  Still going back and forth on the color though.....should I stay with the neutral color we have throughout our entire downstairs or be brave and pick a soft pop of color for the hallway?!?!?!  I hate making these kinds of decisions!!!!  Can you tell, because it's kinda last minute?!?!
Some one help me!!! 

Enough from my home front, how is your Friday so far????
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's Nesting Time!

baby's mermaid from Hawaii :)
Here we are, 31 weeks and counting!  Thanks to busy days, time is flying.  While I typically would like to see summer pass by a bit on the slower side, this summer is rather different as my hubby and I anxiously await the arrival of our very first baby in two short months!!!! For most summers, I also wouldn't mind finding the temperatures up in the mid 80s-90s, but this summer has been exceptionally cool and I'll take it!   It's pretty much been the perfect summer for being big and preggo and yet still somehow comfortable.  

Nesting has finally hit that glorious peek I was waiting for all along.  Many days I was wondering when it would hit and then bammmm, "hello nesting!"  A major road block was the idea of having to finish all the painting projects around our house.  Little babes nursery was the priority and I knew it had to be done before her arrival.  I don't want major things left on our "to-do" list once the baby is here.  Once our little girl arrives, I'm taking time off from work to stay at home and soak up all those precious moments with our new daughter.

So, necessary steps taken, a painter was hired and in the end, what would have taken us weeks to do the painter did in a day and a half!!!!  Hallelujah praise the Lord, her room is completely painted, floor to ceiling, doors to trim.  Once we passed that hump, I was able to get back in her room and make some exciting  progress.

So now you will find me ordering light switch covers online or making a trip to Home Depot to pick up floor vents, paint and the random lone screw needed to attach the broken nob from a dresser.  Yes, I even picked up a new toilet seat lid for our bathroom on a random trip to Ace Hardware 30 minutes before Church.  Next day, there I was, gloves on and garbage bag ready, as I tackled that old seat, scrubbed down the toilet and replaced it with a new one!  Good bye rubber gloves!  Thanks for saving me from the grossness that is toilet.   It's now time to get a fresh pair of gloves.  If you didn't already know, rubber gloves are my best friend =) And if that job left me with the only nausea I've had all pregnancy, I'll take it and even do the job again!!!!  

At this point, the best pregnancy life savers have been my one cup of coffee a day, walking, the chiropractor and thanks to my wonderful hubby, my Bump Nest!!!!  Second to him, I'm in love with my Bump Nest.  At night, crawling into that nest is the best and most comfortable feeling ever.  I supports my entire body, both front and back.  Guess I can't rave about this life changing pillow enough!  Whoever invented such a little thing that gives soooo much comfort, I wanna hug you right now.

And now, under the weather with the first bug of the pregnancy, I'm off for a much needed nap.  
Good night!!!  Maybe I won't wake up till morning.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Sunday Currently, vol. 18

Reading:  A book on nursing =)

Writing:  down lists of things that I need to get done in the upcoming weeks.  

Listening:  to the cicadas as I sit out on my family's screened in porch! Summer hasn't been hot at all, until yesterday that is.  I'm soooo grateful that the heat decided to hold off for awhile.  Being pregnant while it's humid and hot out isn't fun!!!  Pool days are back :)  

Thinking:  about how extremely grateful I am to have just hired a painter to come in and paint the last few rooms in the house.  In a matter of a day and a half, the painter is finishing the baby's room and bathroom today!!!!  I'm beyond thrilled.  He even did all the doors, trim and high ceilings!  This job alone would have taken me over a week.  It totally pays to get some help once in awhile.  Plus, now my hubby can go into our birth experience more relaxed and not exhausted.  Just two more days with the painter and he will have also finished our huge stairway, upstairs hallway and ridiculously tall ceilings!!!   What a gift from God at the end of this pregnancy!

Wishing:  that the cool days of summer would return.  70 degrees and breezy, where are you??? 

Hoping:  that once everything is painted, I can put a few more finishing touches on the little babes room!  Still on the hunt for a glider and a big pink or grey rug!!!!

Smelling:  fresh cut grass.

Wearing:  maternity jean shorts, a white stretch top and my turquoise babymoon ring from my hubby!

Loving:  the cream colored walls in the babes nursery.

Wanting:  today to last extra long so I can relax before next week comes round.  Also wanting to get a few blog posts written, either today or some time next week.  Blogging has fallen to the way-side, but that's okay.  Having friends in town, taking a trip to Hawaii and getting the house ready for a baby seems to be a pretty good excuse to take a break =)

Needing:  a nap.  enough said.  

Enjoying: girl time with some of my childhood girlfriends.  I made the trip up to WI last week to see my girlfriend's new house and next week the same two friends are coming down to visit me!!! 

Feeling:  grateful for friends who come over to grill out and enjoy a bonfire in the middle of the week. 

Anticipating:  little babes arrival.  I can't wait to meet her!!!!  There are many loving arms ready to hold her.

Grab a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket and enjoy 
a very relaxing Sunday!!!
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our first house guest!

Just a few short days until a best friend arrives in town for some summer time fun.
This chica was a maid of honor and always there for me every step of the wedding journey.
Charlie and I were very blessed with many dear friends who were there for us each step of the way.
Rachel was a huge surprise when she showed up the evening I got engaged!!!
Then there she was again for both my bridal shower and lingerie shower.
Now she is going to be our very first real house guest.
While she will be taking over the baby's room for a few nights, I'm thrilled to have her staying with us!
We have plans for an afternoon at the horse race, spending hours at the pool, a day trip to the city, many games of dominion, a few new chick flicks, a massage, grilling out on the patio, hopefully a bonfire, lots of tea, some red wine and celebrating fathers day and a birthday!!!  

Sooooo, I better come up with a makeshift bed so she doesn't end up in the crib and I better get-a-scrubbing round the house!   Time to do some nesting and polish things up a bit.
This is when I'm really thankful for such a great hubby who loves to clean with me! =)

This upcoming weekend somehow feels like the official start to summer.
Cheers to more pool time, an upcoming trip to Hawaii, trips to Ravinia concerts, grilling out, hammocks and bonfires and getting ready for this little bebe!!! I can already tell that June will fly by, but it is filled with many beautiful things.  Now to hold on to every beautiful moment! 

What are your plans for June????

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Friday Update ~ week 24

 Yesterday was 70 degrees, overcast and gorgeous out, so....
we decided to take a walk.
When I looked down, this was my view:
 Actually, being able to see me feet is quickly fading....
because in reality.....
this was my view!!!! =)
I'm perfectly fine with that.  
I love the view of my little girl!

I also love having a Friday off from work so that I can catch up on life.   These are the days when I just wish I could slow down time, or have 48 hrs. in the day.  So much to do and not enough time!
We are getting super excited around here for our trip to Hawaii with my husband's family.....only 3 weeks away!
Oh boy am I dreading heading out and finding a swim suit this year :(  I know I keep putting this errand off and in the end, there I will be two days before our trip, without a swimsuit and in tears.  The minor pregnancy problems!

With this gorgeous weather comes many relaxing lunches with my hubby on our back porch.

I'm definitely looking forward to having friends and family over this summer so we can barbeque and eat summer foods out back along with some Ben Howard jams.

I had forgotten about Tazo Chai Tea till just the other day when I rediscovered the triple pack at Costco.  It's such a relaxing and refreshing drink on a hot day!

Just counting down the days till my best friend comes to visit in less than two weeks!!!!  She will be the first to enjoy sleeping in the baby's room =)  She is gonna have to resist the comfort of the baby's crib!

The chiropractor is this pregnant mamas new best friend.  It will probably be the best
investment during my pregnancy as it is already helping my back pain and the tingling sensation in my hands.  On the plus plus side, it will help lead to a faster and easier labor or at least here is to hoping!!!

This weekends plans include a 5k walk at the down syndrome center my sister goes to, cleaning up house and our 5th prenatal class.

What are your weekend plans???
  Sipping tea?  Reading a good book? Napping?
I totally approve of any or all of the above =)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Baby Post ~ Week 23

It's still hard to believe that we are at 23 weeks already!!!  Our little girl is kicking up a storm.  Now even daddy can feel her moving around.  Must be doing Tae Kwon Do in there =)
Mommy has been trying really hard to pick up her workout pace.  A wonderful Denise Austin prenatal workout dvd arrived in the mail last week and we cracked that baby open the other day!  It was a great workout.   Really long walks were taken this past weekend and many stairs have been climbed!!!
Time to build up some muscles, strength and slim down this baby body.   It's a constant (what feels like a losing) battle this exercise deal.  We made it past the first big hurdle of finding maternity workout clothes, now onto some amazing daily workouts!
Here is a little re-cap of recent baby events:
On our way to our ultrasound.
A very proud daddy holding pictures of his little girl!!!!
He is in love with his baby sweet pea.
We love knowing what we are having and we enjoy sharing our happy news with others!
We had so much fun telling our families.
Surprising my side of the family with little notes inside balloons!!!
 Mommy needs practice with her Happy Wrap!
 What a good daddy, practicing his Diaper Wrap!!! =)
Seven girls in one picture.
Girls Rule, don't ya think???!!!
I carry the picture of my little girl all over the house!
We are already half way through our maternity classes.  Daddy is learning to be a great coach and Mommy is so grateful to have him by her side each step of the way!

We've also picked out a few paint color samples and are getting ready to paint baby's nursery pretty soon.  But not before we go away for mini vacation at the cabin this weekend.  
Daddy has been talking about this trip for weeks and I think he is ready to relax. =)