Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Years Eve ~ Ugly Sweater Party 2012!!!

Did I ever mention that I am a big fan of Etsy!!!!!???  
After my new recent discovery I'm an even bigger fan than before!
This year I wanted to throw a fun New Years Eve Party and it all began with figuring out how to invite my guests.   Should it have a theme, should it not have a theme, what theme should it have?  Originally I made some cute homemade invitations, but I quickly discovered that it wasn't all coming together as I had planned.  There were too many little details to include and I was running out of time to get everyone's mail address and so after a short visit to Etsy I quickly scratched my own invites and came up with an even better idea ~ thanks to Etsy!  The new plans were to have an ugly sweater party!!!  This seemed like a fun idea especially because I had people from several different circles all coming to the party and I thought that a little silliness would be a great ice breaker!!!  I found this woman on Etsy who designs invites and puts in whatever words you need the invite to say.  Her reviews were outstanding and people couldn't recommend her enough. The best part about it was that she had my invites done within hours of getting my e-mail request.  Once she finished making the invites, I could e-mail her back and forth up to three times to perfect any changes that might need to be made.  Seeing as she did such a fantastic job from the start, no changes were needed and my invites were ready to be "sent" out!!!  Check out the final product above!!! While there were many ways I could have given the invites to my guests, the easiest and cheapest way to do so was via facebook where I could easily and conveniently continue to add guests to the list as I thought of them.  I was also able to send reminders and additional messages to my guests at the click of a button!  How easy is that!!!??? So with the help of Esty and my new favorite blog: Aesthetic Nest, I was able to come up with great ideas for the New Years Party!!!!

P.S. Aesthetic Nest is a mom's blog that has some amazing party ideas.  That is where I got the idea to be cohesive and to have a particular theme throughout the evening. 

If we are going to wear ugly sweaters, we are going to wear ugly sweaters!!! ha ha

Our now established New Years tradition ~ thank you my lovely fellow hostesses! 

1st Place!!!

Half the party that stayed on.  Yes we were hard core ~ we played scattergories till 3AM!!!  Such great fun!

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