Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lady Antebellum!!

Wow, what a concert!!!  
Charlie's dad got him birthday tickets to go see Lady Antebellum and wow, just wow, I've never gone VIP to a concert before and let me tell was great!
This pregnant woman LOVED all the free food the entire hour and a half before meeting Lady Antebellum.  I really wanted a beer, but I know that has to wait!
Then just like that, there they were!! Up close and personal. 
They love being casual and informal with their audience. 
During our VIP time with them before the actual concert, they took questions between jamming some songs for us.
I raised my hand and told them how much I loved their song, "Just a Kiss" and how it was the song Charlie and I danced to as the closing song at our wedding.  
They gave me a hard time and said, "really, your last song?  why not your first?  just kidding!  what was your first song?" and when we told them we walked out to Kung Fu Fighting they laughed and started singing it for us!!!
Then they played "Just a Kiss" for us and dedicated it Charlie and Maggie.
They really humor their crowd!   With kisses, signatures, pictures, questions, jokes...
Then we moved on to the actual concert.

 The minute they hit the stage they rocked the house!!!

They were incredible live!!!
I would definitely go see them again in a heart beat =) 
They have such pure talent and a liveliness about them that just exudes through their performance. 
And boy could they get the crowd going!
I just wish I had taken my good camera with me....dang it!
Next time =)

Have you ever had to the chance to see Lady Antebellum live?


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Little Babe Grows!

Here we are at week 10:
We just had our 2nd doctor appointment on Monday and everything went wonderful, other than the fact that we found out my uterus is flipped!  We have two weeks to work on exercises to try and reverse this and then we are back to the doctors to have it checked again.  Supposedly this is common in women and by week 10-12 it corrects itself.  We are hoping to see it where it is supposed to be by the time we go back.

At this point, I'm less tired.  Thank goodness!  I'm still craving all things fruit, fruit, fruit!!!  I also love salami and lunch meat =)  For the past few weeks we've been out of the ice cream and pickle stage.  That didn't last long.  Anything carbonated also soothes and tastes good.  Our local grocery store carries fresh squeezed orange juice and tangerine juice ~ hallelujah, I love it!!!
I also recently discovered that some of the fage yogurts have 14 grams of protein....say what?!?!? yes, I stocked up on those babies last night =)  Any small container that contains that much protein is a blessing.  I can't stand the feeling of making myself eat soooo much trying to get the protein in.  Small amounts are way better!

We are getting close to the 4 month mark.  Holy cow is time flying!!!  I can't believe it.
We are loving this little babe more and more every day.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prepping the Baby's Room!!!

My hubby and I are beyond excited to finish cleaning out the room that was previously a spare bedroom/music room with his guitars and make it baby ready!
When you say "yes" to life and having children, it's amazing how God provides.
We weren't even pregnant a month and we had people offering to give us their baby furniture, baby clothes and really nice maternity wear....for free! 
Not to mention, my sweet mother-in-law took me to pick out my very first maternity outfits =)
Hopefully a few of the men will be free to go with me this weekend or next weekend to pick up this gorgeous baby furniture that I'm ecstatic and thrilled about!!!!!
I can't believe someone is just giving all of this to us and how beautiful it is!
 Restoration Hardware furniture is super sturdy and will last with all our children:

This dresser even has a tray that sits on top and turns this piece into a changing table as well.
 To finish off the look in the room, we are planning on adding this adorable book case for the baby's blankets, books and toys!!!  
Now I have to pick out a wall color that will go nicely with the furniture.

Oh how I am sooo grateful for these blessings from friends who so generously want to pass all this on so that it continues to get more use. 
We are beyond grateful for this help in getting our family started.
Acts like this makes me want to spread more love and kindness in the world!
Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Baby Bump!

Hello little baby bump!!!  We are so excited to see you =)
It's crazy to think that the little sweet pea is already the size of a grape and is sucking away at his or her thumb.  Funny how something the size of a grape can look soooo much larger from the outside.
We are looking forward to our second doctors appointment next week where we will be going over our options for the baby's birth.  It's amazing how fast time is flying!  I didn't want time to get away too quickly before I snapped a few pregger photos along the way.
Here we are at week 9:

 Mommy and Daddy love you little one!  
Keep growing big and strong in there.
lots of love, 

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Weekend at the Cabin

This past Friday evening, my brother and four couples all met up at our place.  We decided this would be the best meeting point for caravanning up to the cabin. 
9:15PM and it was finally time to hit the road and begin our weekend together!
This trip had been planned for quite some time and we were beyond excited that our weekend had finally arrived. 
Rolling in to Galena around midnight, we were all very grateful that the long driveway had been plowed.  Two of the guys grabbed some shovels and dug us a path up to the cabin door.  Bags unloaded, we all started catching up with one another and before we knew it, it was 3:00AM!!!
Sleeping in the next day, we all woke up with hot cups of coffee in hand.  We thought we would wake up further by taking a nice long hike down the frozen river for a few hours.
Upon our return, we thawed out in front of the wood stove.  Then began mixed cocktails, more coffee, lots and lots of food and afternoon games!
Getting ready for a very long walk on the river!!!
These guys were geared up for the woods =)
 You would think we were staying a week with all these games!!
We only made it through a quarter of them.
 Warming up post walk.
Priya made us all Passion Fruit Mojitos.  She even made me a virgin mojito and it was amazing!
 The other camera lady all weekend.
 This wood burning stove kept us all cozy the entire weekend!!!

 Love my hubby soooo much!!!
 And we ate, and ate and ate some more....

 Out to brunch after Church on Sunday.

 Getting our game on!!!  
We had so many people we had two games going at the same time.

 There were at least 8 cups of coffee mugs in rotation at all times during the weekend =)
I didn't quite realize how relaxing this weekend would be.  Our only wish was that the weekend could have been longer and we could have played more games together. It's wonderful knowing such dear friends who all enjoy a quality weekend spent in close quarters with one another!!!
We can't wait to do it again.
What were you up to this past weekend?  Anything new, fun, simply relaxing?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Happy St. Valentine's Day everyone!!!
This morning I crawled out of bed extra early so that I could get to the patisserie before all the other locals did.  I had to get my hands on some sticky pecan rolls and chocolate croissants to surprise the hubby for Valentine's Day.  Bright and early, I was in luck, there were still some left when I got there!
I ran home, found our Morrison tray from our wedding and surprised the hubs who was still fast asleep in bed.  Score, I caught him before he was up!
We are spending the rest of our Valentine weekend up at the cabin with a bunch of other couples.
Between all of us, we probably have enough games to play for a week and enough food to last us just as long.  Paired with good tunes, yummy drinks and wood fires, it should be a cozy romantic couples weekend!!!
What are your weekend plans?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Bocce Kind of Evening

Sometimes it's nice to just relax and enjoy a fun evening with friends trying something new!
We have this bowling alley close to home that's cozy and upscale and only costs a dollar or two more than your typical bowling alley.  Every time we visit Pinstripes, I always tell myself that I'll make a trip back just to play some games of bocce.
This past weekend we made a last minute decision to spend our Sunday evening checking out the bocce courts with my brother and our friends. 
There we were at first, wondering how the heck did the official rules work???  I've always thrown bocce balls around for fun as a kid, but never really new how to play.  So it was great finally getting a hang of the game!!
Lovely expression, hubby!

Plus, the food was amazeballs!!!! The chicken, bacon, onion, avocado flatbread was to die for!  I'd go back just for that.  We can't wait to take a trip back and play some Bocce during brunch on the weekend =)  It's a blast and such a great way to spend time with good friends.
What are some of your favorite ways to spend evenings with friends?


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A French Dinner Date

This past weekend the hubby and I had an impromptu dinner date and sometimes those are the best!!!  D & J Bistro doesn't look like much from the outside, but the minute we stepped inside the doorway, away from the bitter cold, we were met with an adorable little bistro and even though the snow was falling thick Saturday night, it didn't keep the locals from filling every table in the restaurant.   It was simply nice to dress up for an evening and sit back and relax while someone else cooked a warm fancy meal.  It gave my hubby and I an or two of undivided attention!!!

The food was so delish!

Coffee cheesecake??? yes, thank you!
Even though this picture is blurry, I still love it!!!
I love this guy sooooo much!!!!!
He makes me smile every day =)