Friday, November 28, 2014

Motherhood Moments

Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts God has blessed me with. 
 Try as I may, I never could imagine what it would be like to be a mom until that day, the day I will never forget, when my little sweet pea Evelyn Lois was born.  
When she came along, my life changed forever!  My heart bursts every morning when I wake up to this precious face.  I still can't believe that I get to be her mother and take care of her every day.  Never has there been a moment when I've been holding or nursing this babe of mine that I wished I was doing anything else.  In these two and a half short months, I have had some time to reflect on these glorious days of being a new mommy and wanted to document some thoughts about motherhood, sharing them with you.  

Being a nursing mom, I've craved water like never before!  It hits, just like that....boom, I need to drink an ocean full of water.  Where was this craving when I needed it during pregnancy?!?! OH, that's right, my bladder has room again ;)  Drink tons of water, then drink some more!

Even if there isn't time for a full on shower, days are looking good if mom gets in a quick body shower and some makeup.  In fact, I recommend it, especially putting on some makeup, it makes you feel a bit more put together, even if the sink full of dishes says otherwise.  
Now I understand what "three day old" hair means and understand how and why it happens, it just does.  Those are the days we wear perfume and don't hug people.  Real life folks!

Staying in bed and snuggling with baby till 11am is the best kind of day.  There will perpetually be housecleaning, cooking or errands to run.  When Evelyn is grown I know I won't be wishing I spent more time cleaning while my baby was in a swing, just craving her mother's touch.   

When I do run errands, we go at Evelyn's pace, meaning we nurse in the car in random parking lots as well as in any available dressing room or ladies lounge, then we do the shopping.

When Evelyn is in the mood for a nice nap, I run at lightning speed and empty the dishwasher, do the laundry, grab a cheese stick or make a sandwich, clean the bathroom with a few quick swipes of whatever dirty clothes lay on the ground ( just kidding :)  write thank you notes, make the bed, take out the trash, vacuum, drink some more coffee, answer e-mails, think about dinner and only get as far as pulling the pan out to cook when its time to snuggle my waking babe again.  The minute she wakes, I immediately drop whatever I'm doing and hold my little love.  Then we nurse the rest of the day on demand, another reason this pumpkin has never had the need to cry.

Then we snuggle, snuggle and snuggle some more!  Guess who's in my lap right now? Never knew how "easy" it was to blog one handed....not too bad eh?

Speaking of blogging, when you have a newborn or children, give yourself a long break from blogging, it's a really healthy thing to do.  It's helped me to refocus and put my focus on better priorities.

Our best days are when we hold up at home and aren't on the go.  Evelyn seems to be a baby that likes routine.  At nighttime she falls asleep for the evening around 9:30pm.  In the middle of the night when Evelyn wakes to eat, I turn on the light as dim as possible and refrain from talking.  I think that this has helped immensely with her knowing that nighttime is for sleeping.  On average she sleeps a good 11-12 hours a night with one to two feedings in-between.  

Also, whenever I snuggle this little love, I try and cherish the moment as much as possible, not thinking about the million other things that could be done or need to be done.  They can wait, while this moment  won't.

Think this mama has had plenty of time to contemplate lately? Thank you iphone notepad for temporarily holding a mom's many thoughts!!!