Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goodbye October!

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"How bravely Autumn paints upon the sky 
the gorgeous fame of Summer which is fled!
hues of all flowers that in their ashes lie,
trophied in that fair light whereon they fed,
tulip, and hyacinth, and sweet rose red."
by Thomas Hood

Happy all hallow's eve everyone!!!  Have a great day filled with laughter and love 
with family and friends.
We're off with the children to trick or treat and thankfully they share all the snickers and reeses with us!!!  =) Then we always end the day with our cooks country crock pot stew that just screams FLAVOR!!!!

See you all in November!  Gosh, I can't believe it's here already, how did that happen?!? 
Almost at our one month wedding anniversary =)

Maggie Morrison

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Coffee

Dear Coffee:  I love you so much and don't know what I'll do when I have to give you up, eventually!

Thank you.... for helping me get caught up on the laundry including packing away all the summer clothes and organizing a whole new closet system.  Totally working with the his and hers closet thing, just had to get creative about where I was going to put my shoes!

Thank you.... for helping me survive a huge "stock up" grocery run!  I hate having to go to the grocery store more than I can help it.  I'm ecstatic that I actually did meal planning for once and have 14 meals planned for the upcoming weeks!!!  That might sound impressive, but it really is simply using some of the same ingredients for a few different meals and therefore keeping it fairly easy.

Thank you.... for making it a bit easier to get up in the morning knowing I get to sip you.  Guess it's even that much easier to get up when the said coffee is brought to you in bed by your loving husband who wakes up extra early to go and buy the milk for the coffee.  Love you, honey!

Thank you.... for being the perfect afternoon pick me up, or evening pick me up.

Thank you.... for accompanying me to the stores as I pick up paint, more color swatches and supplies.  I'm sure you will be with me as I get some painting projects done around the house.

Thank you.... for being something that my husband and I can both appreciate and share a love for!  It makes it more fun when there are two of you sipping hot cups of coffee =)

Until next time, a big cup of thanks for reading along!
Honeymoon pictures to come next =)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just Relaxing

I'm not sure if it's the dreary grey weather or if it's still recovering from all the wedding planning for the past six months, but late this afternoon I hit a crashing point.  These past few days I've been dog tired and find myself having to push forward.  
While I came home this evening with the intent to crash and take a nap, yes, at 5pm none-the-less, I thought I would do something a little bit more productive.  Popping in a few nespresso capsules,  I made a second cappuccino for the day, grabbed a biscotti and climbed into bed with my laptop.
Well, "hello" blogging world, I decided to visit you for awhile.
Charlie and I have been thoroughly enjoying our new breakfast/coffee tray!!! 
While I'm sure it will serve many a romantic breakfast, it also works great for lazy evenings like tonight. 
I've been wanting a tray like this for quite some time, but have been holding out on buying one.  Then boom, just last week some sweet friends of ours sent us this one with our names engraved in it and I LOVE it!!!!
Sometimes it's just necessary to kick back and relax.  Grab a good book, sit down to read a few blogs, write a letter.....
As my hubby so wisely says, "allowing yourself to relax and recuperate only makes you more productive later on!"  I love the way that man thinks =) he's so darn right!!!

Enjoy yourself a relaxing evening.

Monday, October 28, 2013

A trip to the corn maze!

 A crisp autumn day in October calls for bundling up with two layers of socks, a jacket, scarf and boots and taking a trip with friends to the local corn maze!!!

We had such a gorgeous day in the 50s with the sun beams shining down and keeping us warm as we found our way through the field of corn.  It's amazing what a difference the sun makes in ones 
comfort level.  The minute that baby went down, we all started to cool off very quickly!
 This couple makes us laugh more than should be allowed and I'm so grateful that we live close by!
Our record was seeing each other three days in a row this weekend.....boy do we love having our social life back.  I think our friends are pretty happy about it too =)  
Girls night, dinner parties, games and it!!!!
 Hard to believe that last year at the corn maze we were just boyfriend and girlfriend and this year we are MARRIED!!!
 What an awesome bunch!  It was nice getting to spend time with my brother who I don't see nearly enough anymore because he is busy with school and work.  Miss that guy!
 I love you, honey!!!
 It was such a blast spending the day with the Netzels and their kids.  They are happy to have friends back, too =)
 And . . . which way do we go?!?!

Enjoy this last week of October.  
Grab yourself a coat and hat and take a walk outside or go on an exciting fall adventure through the woods!!!  I know that besides all the painting I'm planning on tackling this week, I'm also planning many brisk walks outside.  Time to soak up the fresh air!!!

And just in case you missed the grand posting of some wedding photos click on over HERE!!!
Maggie Morrison =)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Currently vol. 13 (a sneak photos!)

 I will let these incredible pictures do the talking.  All that I can say is that Caroline Ghetes is the bomb and an incredibly gifted person who is described as a one who "blends spontaneous moments with creative flair" and I couldn't agree more!!!!  I'm absolutely in LOVE with all of these photos and can't wait to see the rest of them!!!

Lots of LOVE from,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morrison

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

October Festivities

Ramblings from this past Thursday:
It's lunch time around the Morrison household and I just finished a hot bowl of chili with my hubby!
I love that we can spend a few hours together over lunch each day.
Today has been quite productive so far.  Having always been a sucker for Pottery Barn, this mornings experience left me even more so.  Given that all our walls on the first floor are a simple cream, I thought I would be adventurous and try Pottery Barns complementary design service and get their professional help in choosing new paint colors.
This morning, two ladies came to the house and helped pick out paint colors and took down measurements in case we want to add furniture or decor to our home. 
This is where the experts come in and I'm so grateful.  =)
We even had a follow up the next day in the store.  It was great!  They weren't pushy at all, but helped to stay within a newlywed budget by picking sale items to help tie the rooms and colors together.
She even picked out our front hall rug, which I'm in LOVE with!!!  Oh why, oh why, do women love making things homey and cozy?!?!?  
We are going for the cozy, yet simple, tied together look around here :)

Besides settling in to a new home (which has been thrilling and exciting!), October has brought many wonderful days.....
filled with:

A day at the township fall festival:
a visit to our favorite patisserie for some pumpkin pie, hot cider and sticky pecan roll
time spent on the couch snuggling under blankets
a day with our family's to open all our wedding gifts!
lunch with the hubs =)  I'm sooo in LOVE with HIM!!!
just goofing off with the man of my dreams because being normal isn't as fun
big red pots of chili =)  I love fall food
semi normal....ehhh
hot apple cider... I love drinking fall in a cup!
sitting in bed playing my favorite childhood game.
as a child I used to stay up until 2 am with my girlfriends playing enchanted forest.
this was a sweet wedding gift from my old babysitter who used to come over and play this with me along with her fiance at the time.  now they are married and have 8 children, all of which were at the wedding!  wonderful memories!!!
pumpkins.  pumpkins.  pumpkins.
our very first grocery shop after getting back from our honeymoon!
Other than these happy adventures, Charlie and I can't wait for our trip to the corn maze with family and friends tomorrow!  This time, I promised him that I would dress a bit warmer.  Last year I never even made it into the corn maze so maybe a down coat and fleece socks will help a bit with taking the freezing cold edge off.
We can't wait for more chilly weather, rubber boots, raking leaves and huge burn piles that smell amazing!!!!

Happy Fall =)
Maggie Morrison

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Newlywed Currently

Absolutely Loving:  Married life and all the joy and happiness that exudes from each new waking day with my husband by my side!!!

Writing:  lists, lists, lists!!!  I'm such a list person =) I'm writing down all the errands I need to run this week.  I need to pick up groceries for some cozy Fall meals.  Other lists also include paint brushes, paint, lamp stands, pillow fillers, exchange the toaster, etc.  Creating a warm and loving place for my hubby to come home to is such a blast!!!

Listening:  to music by a local artist who was on American Idol.  Pat McKillen was jamming out at our local fall festival this Saturday and my mom bought Charlie and I two of his CDs.  I LOVE new tunes, especially some chill music for during this festive season.

Thanking:  all of our unbelievably thoughtful and generous family and friends for the beautiful wedding gifts that we opened last night!!!  I'm totally blown away by everyones love.  Yesterday Charles and I cleaned house, baked some gingersnap cookies, pulled out the cider and put on the tea kettle and had our families over along with some friends to share in the continued joy of our wedding day!

Anticipating:  heading to the corn maze this weekend to celebrate Fall and this chilly weather we are having.  We are also looking forward to some sneak peak pictures of our wedding that should be coming out this week.  I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM!!!!!!!

Needing:  a fresh hair cut and color for Fall.  Seriously, this hair needs some help!!!  All it has known these past months are the words, grow, grow, grow.  I see a girls day out in the upcoming weeks to take care of this.

Appreciating:  my amazing husband who enjoys cleaning with me!!! =) What a sweetheart to jump right in by vacuuming the stairs, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, making the bed, doing the dishes and then following all of this with "what can I do to help you, honey?" Oh boy, I am overwhelmed by his love and sweetness!!!  I love you, handsome!!!!!!!!!

Wishing:  i could hold on to October longer.  I'm appreciating every. single. day. that we have left of this month.  October will always hold a very dear place in my heart for obvious reasons and more.  I don't know what it is about this month, but I've always loved the word October.... call me silly, I don't care.

Wearing:  pajamas still.  I've been enjoying taking the month of October off from work just to get settled in a bit.  It's almost 11am. Guess I should put on some yoga pants and some motivating gym shoes and get to work.  My goal for this morning is to put all the summer clothes away.
Ready, set, go!!!

Have a beautiful fall day.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!!!  We've been married for 13 days now and it is WONDERFUL!!!!
Charlie and I are LOVING married life =) 
Everything is still soaking in a day at a time!! 
We recently got back from our honeymoon in Arizona a few days ago and are starting to settle in.
Each day is flying by and we are trying to savor each new day of married life during the Fall season while also getting our home organized.

Our honeymoon in Arizona was absolutely incredible!  I can't wait to share some more photos from the trip.  The warm weather was balmy and the terrain beyond restful and therapeutic after 6 months of wedding planning.  I still think spa day was my favorite, honey =) 

Then coming back to the gorgeous romantic season that we were married in was a beautiful, beautiful thing.  The perfect newlywed couples weather; cozy, snugly, coffee hugging weather.  We came home to blankets, scarves, cappuccinos, big red pots of chili, brisk walks outdoors paired with apple picking and pumpkin patches!!!

This next stage in life is full of new adventures and dreams that are coming to life!!!
I'm so grateful to have Charlie by my side every step of the way.  He is one incredible husband and I'm so very thankful that God put him in my life.
I love you, sweetheart ~  Thank you for being the sunshine that always warms my heart!
Thank you for asking me to marry you.
And thank you for asking me to blog again =)

Now I'm super excited to share the adventures of married life!!!!  
Look out world, here we come!