Friday, February 27, 2015

Our New Routine

It's been a good 3 months since this new mama set her foot in blogland, and I couldn't have been happier with the little hiatus.   It's quite refreshing, really.  
Sometimes it's nice to step away from the screen and refocus oneself.
These past three months I've given all my time, love and attention to my little one, my husband and even myself and it's felt pretty darn great!!!  Now it seems time to put a little focus on blogging again.  So here I am with a little update on how our days go by!  And if anyone has figured out how to slow down time, please past the know-how along, because somehow, even with nursing and changing diapers all day, these days seem to fly by way too fast!!!

After having a baby there came a point when I had to firmly decide it was time to stop (or at least strongly limit ;) enjoying ALL the sugar and ALL the carbs I wanted because heck, since I had to give them up for SOOOO many months while I was pregnant, it was time to make up for past sacrifices.  While the eating cycle can go downhill during those times when I eat whatever I want and however much I want, I definitely prefer those times when I'm on a motivated cycle of being super disciplined, healthy and active.  
About two months back, I joined an amazing cardio kickboxing class that my husband teaches!  It was a great start to getting back on track and losing lots of baby weight.  Last month, I took the next plunge. I joined a health club AND signed up with a Pilates Reformer trainer.  
Now these days I've already hit up the gym before my husband and baby are even awake!  My husband couldn't be sweeter or more encouraging and so I continue to go.
The other amazing thing about the gym is family swim time!!!  We are definitely looking forward to swimming together.  Evelyn LOVES the water and so this will be another great way for us to bond and relax on Sundays as a family :)  Oh and Pilates Reformer?!?!  I'm hooked.  It's amazing and I wish I could do it twice a week.
Best part about working out several times a week is all the energy it gives me to play with this little baby!!!
 We then spend the next hour or two playing together, singing songs, dancing and reading books.  Funny to see what activities makes a baby so sleepy!
 And then if I'm lucky, little Evie falls asleep in my arms.  Usually she prefers to be laid down in her crib or on my bed for her morning nap.  I turn on her soothing white noise and she is down for 1-2 (sometimes 3 if we are all extra lucky) hrs. That's my chance to do EVERYTHING!!!!  It's like telling yourself "on your mark, get set, GOOOO"
Amazing how quickly you can get laundry, cleaning and cooking done when you have to be focused.
 Then after morning nap time, Evelyn cooks with me and we play toys again!
Daddy comes home for lunch and we enjoy quality time together.
And that in a nutshell is our "new" morning routine and I couldn't love it more!!!
I love being a mommy.  I love and enjoy all the new challenges that come along with being a mom.  I guess I've never really seen being a mommy as a challenge, personally, but rather as an opportunity to juggle new adventures.  Yes, it can be tiring some days and yes, I only have one child so far, but I've learned to do some things at a much slower pace and I'm okay with that.  Many times, it just takes a new and fresh perspective, or a more positive outlook on just what kind of mission I'm on.  
I'm on a mission to be there for this little human being.  A person totally dependent on her mother for love, for food, for comfort, for acknowledgement, for bonding time, for every little need she has.  I want her to know how much I love her and love being there for her every second of every day!!!  I want Evelyn to know how much her mom loves motherhood and loves being her mama!
If I can do that, then it's a good, good day, no matter our routine!