Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Work in Progress

It's always been a struggle to stay on top of things, to plan in advance and execute those plans on time, much-less early.  So, I've really been working extra hard on trying to be better at this virtue, skill, talent... for me, it happens every so often and when it does, boy does it feel great to be on top of things!
Man, the older I get, the more my weaknesses stand out and the harder I have to work at accomplishing these personal goals.   

These past few days have been filled with many scores for the win!  Work sheets in 4 days early, a bridesmaid dress ordered for a Fall wedding, plane tickets booked, car rental booked, hotel booked, worked on planning Evenlyn's first birthday party, booked her 1st birthday photo shoot, ordered her birthday party/photo shoot outfit, ordered wedding gifts months in advance, researched baby gates that will actually fit the bottom and top of our staircase and throw in the ultra exciting accomplishment of ordering cases of diapers and dipewipes that get dropped off right at the front door!!! 
And all in a few good days work.  Now if only all my weeks were this productive =)

But the best moments of all have been spending more time with my baby girl who is growing up so fast.  It scares me to think that her 1st birthday is just a few short months away.  I'm trying really hard to focus on the here and now.  We've been enjoying the great outdoors together and walking outside as much as possible before the summer heat hits.  We've been enjoying breakfast picnics in the front yard and eating outside on patios whenever possible.

I love watching her learn, develop and grow.   I love watching her enjoy eating her food a ton!  Charlie is adorable when he says he could listen to her gab and talk forever and ever.  He is madly in LOVE with his little girl and it's the sweetest thing to watch!  He is such a great papa and I'm so proud of him!
Couldn't love these two people in my life more!!!