Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Baby Post ~ Week 23

It's still hard to believe that we are at 23 weeks already!!!  Our little girl is kicking up a storm.  Now even daddy can feel her moving around.  Must be doing Tae Kwon Do in there =)
Mommy has been trying really hard to pick up her workout pace.  A wonderful Denise Austin prenatal workout dvd arrived in the mail last week and we cracked that baby open the other day!  It was a great workout.   Really long walks were taken this past weekend and many stairs have been climbed!!!
Time to build up some muscles, strength and slim down this baby body.   It's a constant (what feels like a losing) battle this exercise deal.  We made it past the first big hurdle of finding maternity workout clothes, now onto some amazing daily workouts!
Here is a little re-cap of recent baby events:
On our way to our ultrasound.
A very proud daddy holding pictures of his little girl!!!!
He is in love with his baby sweet pea.
We love knowing what we are having and we enjoy sharing our happy news with others!
We had so much fun telling our families.
Surprising my side of the family with little notes inside balloons!!!
 Mommy needs practice with her Happy Wrap!
 What a good daddy, practicing his Diaper Wrap!!! =)
Seven girls in one picture.
Girls Rule, don't ya think???!!!
I carry the picture of my little girl all over the house!
We are already half way through our maternity classes.  Daddy is learning to be a great coach and Mommy is so grateful to have him by her side each step of the way!

We've also picked out a few paint color samples and are getting ready to paint baby's nursery pretty soon.  But not before we go away for mini vacation at the cabin this weekend.  
Daddy has been talking about this trip for weeks and I think he is ready to relax. =)


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  1. I love these pictures and yes girls rule!!:) I am so glad you found work out clothes!! Get it girl! Enjoy the long weekend at the cabin!! That sounds lovely!


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