Friday, May 30, 2014

A Friday Update ~ week 24

 Yesterday was 70 degrees, overcast and gorgeous out, so....
we decided to take a walk.
When I looked down, this was my view:
 Actually, being able to see me feet is quickly fading....
because in reality.....
this was my view!!!! =)
I'm perfectly fine with that.  
I love the view of my little girl!

I also love having a Friday off from work so that I can catch up on life.   These are the days when I just wish I could slow down time, or have 48 hrs. in the day.  So much to do and not enough time!
We are getting super excited around here for our trip to Hawaii with my husband's family.....only 3 weeks away!
Oh boy am I dreading heading out and finding a swim suit this year :(  I know I keep putting this errand off and in the end, there I will be two days before our trip, without a swimsuit and in tears.  The minor pregnancy problems!

With this gorgeous weather comes many relaxing lunches with my hubby on our back porch.

I'm definitely looking forward to having friends and family over this summer so we can barbeque and eat summer foods out back along with some Ben Howard jams.

I had forgotten about Tazo Chai Tea till just the other day when I rediscovered the triple pack at Costco.  It's such a relaxing and refreshing drink on a hot day!

Just counting down the days till my best friend comes to visit in less than two weeks!!!!  She will be the first to enjoy sleeping in the baby's room =)  She is gonna have to resist the comfort of the baby's crib!

The chiropractor is this pregnant mamas new best friend.  It will probably be the best
investment during my pregnancy as it is already helping my back pain and the tingling sensation in my hands.  On the plus plus side, it will help lead to a faster and easier labor or at least here is to hoping!!!

This weekends plans include a 5k walk at the down syndrome center my sister goes to, cleaning up house and our 5th prenatal class.

What are your weekend plans???
  Sipping tea?  Reading a good book? Napping?
I totally approve of any or all of the above =)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Baby Post ~ Week 23

It's still hard to believe that we are at 23 weeks already!!!  Our little girl is kicking up a storm.  Now even daddy can feel her moving around.  Must be doing Tae Kwon Do in there =)
Mommy has been trying really hard to pick up her workout pace.  A wonderful Denise Austin prenatal workout dvd arrived in the mail last week and we cracked that baby open the other day!  It was a great workout.   Really long walks were taken this past weekend and many stairs have been climbed!!!
Time to build up some muscles, strength and slim down this baby body.   It's a constant (what feels like a losing) battle this exercise deal.  We made it past the first big hurdle of finding maternity workout clothes, now onto some amazing daily workouts!
Here is a little re-cap of recent baby events:
On our way to our ultrasound.
A very proud daddy holding pictures of his little girl!!!!
He is in love with his baby sweet pea.
We love knowing what we are having and we enjoy sharing our happy news with others!
We had so much fun telling our families.
Surprising my side of the family with little notes inside balloons!!!
 Mommy needs practice with her Happy Wrap!
 What a good daddy, practicing his Diaper Wrap!!! =)
Seven girls in one picture.
Girls Rule, don't ya think???!!!
I carry the picture of my little girl all over the house!
We are already half way through our maternity classes.  Daddy is learning to be a great coach and Mommy is so grateful to have him by her side each step of the way!

We've also picked out a few paint color samples and are getting ready to paint baby's nursery pretty soon.  But not before we go away for mini vacation at the cabin this weekend.  
Daddy has been talking about this trip for weeks and I think he is ready to relax. =)


Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

This was my very first mother's day and it was such a wonderful and relaxing weekend with all the family!  Saturday afternoon we went to Bonefish Grill to celebrate my brother's eighteenth birthday and mother's day with my mom and grandma.  Salad, shrimp, crab cakes, oh my!!!  Not to mention the key lime pie that is out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!  I could have eaten that for dinner, but my doctor probably wouldn't have been too happy with me.  =)  
Can't believe this guy is 18 already!  How time flies.

It was nice being able to celebrate with grandma!

And here you have four generations of girls =)
Yes, we are perfectly normal ;)
Then Sunday morning we woke up in time to have a relaxing breakfast down at the train station.  
It was gorgeous out and the perfect weather for being out on the patio!
Then off we went to the Arlington race track for the rest of the afternoon.
Here's the hubby, betting on his first horse race of the day.

My winnings from betting on "Irish Nugget" =)  A great name there. 
And the winnings from the next race.....  We were on a nice little winning streak for awhile!
It was like National Velvet come to life!
It was such a fun and incredibly relaxing day watching the horses race.  Spending time with Charlie's side of the family is always a nice time.  We enjoyed seeing which horses were racing next and then consulted to see which horses we would each bet on.  I can't wait to go back again this summer!  It's the perfect little weekend excursion =)

I feel beyond blessed to be a mother already and can't wait for next mother's day when I will have this little babe in my arms!!!  It's such a beautiful, new and exciting stage of life and I learn and grow through it each day.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 22 and Life Lately

Here we are at week 22!!!!!
Sunday May 4th was the very first time that mom felt our little girl on the outside!!!  I was sitting on the sofa with my hand on my belly and all of a sudden, kick, kick, kick!  Of course, poor dad missed it this time, but I'm sure he will be feeling her soon enough.   This little girl is a real kicker! =)  Sunday May 11th  ( mother's day ), she decided that in the middle of church would the perfect time to distract me with her very first visible kicks from the outside.  I saw her kick 4 times!!!  Even though I whispered over to my husband to look at my tummy in the middle of church, he still missed seeing all the kicks.  But that's okay, daddy got to listen to little girls heart beat yesterday at our 22 week check up and he was thrilled with that!
Life has been wonderful lately!

- I love being pregnant and it's a real joy getting ready for this baby to make her appearance in 4 short months.

- We had a glorious mother's day weekend filled with fun and yet very relaxing activities.  A blog post filled with pictures is in the making :)

- I've been discovering so many fantastic blogs lately!

-  My grandma is my newest blog reader and it's such a great way for her to stay up-to-date with what's going on in our lives. 

- Yesterday morning I stared at a very empty fridge.  I realized that it was time to do some serious grocery shopping.  While my bill says it was a serious grocery run, I'm still at loss as far as meal planning this week.  I can't seem to get my act together and I have nooooo desire to cook anything complicated these days!  

- This weekend should be wonderful.  I'm looking forward to a friend visiting for the weekend and my hubby and brother painting while we stay out of the house and away from the fumes.  

- I'm working on setting a few manageable goals between now and the beginning of June.

- Hopefully this Friday I can make the most of my day off of work.  I'm going to do some serious decision making as I finally work on picking out and buying the paint for the nursery!  If I do this one thing on Friday, I will be thrilled!!!

- Two of my good friends have their baby showers both on June 21st and I'm already getting ready and excited for these happy festivities =)  Plans underway! 

-  Now off to do my prenatal exercises.  Doctors orders!  My hubby and I are working on walking 10 miles a week together.  Man, doing stairs are another story!!!  Bring me 5 glasses of ice water and a very cold ice pack please =)  I think I need to join a gym just to get myself motivated.....neeeed motivation, seriously!

- On that happy note.....anyone know of where to buy maternity workout clothes????  I'm talking like, breathable comfy Nike shorts, just like the ones I used to wear before I was pregnant.  Finding maternity clothes is by far the hardest part of pregnancy.  Any suggestions would be great!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our BIG baby announcement!!!

Here we are at 21 weeks and so in love with our little one!
Just last week we had our one ultrasound and we were beyond happy to find out that we are having a baby....
That's right, a beautiful bundle of pink is joining our family this Fall.
Our little girl was already being a little stinker during her ultrasound.  It took the technician four tries to find out what we are having.  She politely kept her little legs crossed most of the time.  At first I was soooo disappointed and seriously thought we were going to be missing our one opportunity to find out what we were having.   We were nearing the end of an hour and still no knowing what we were having.  I quickly started talking to our little one telling him or her that he/she better start cooperating so  we could find out what baby was!   We only had one shot at this, or we wouldn't know until baby was born.
There we were the last five minutes and the technician said, "Okay, here we go!!!  See this here, that's a girl!!!"  She even humored us (in the below right picture) with showing us her little arm and leg!  What a good girl =)  She uses those legs every single day now to kick me a ton and I LOVE IT!!!
And there my husband was, "I knew it!!! I always knew it." and that's why the above picture of pink flowers and "It's a Girl" sign is back from day one when I told my hubby we were pregnant.  He knew all along!!!
 Odin is happy to be a big brother =)
 And we are beyond thrilled to be parents to a little baby girl!
 Guess we can keep all the pink!

 Now we can really get to work on our little girl's nursery!!!
I can't wait to get the room painted in the next few weeks and finish picking out her bed linens.
Although I still have low energy, I'm getting antsy to get her room finished.   It will probably be a few months yet.  One thing at a time, and it all takes time.
We love you sweet baby girl!!!  Mommy and Daddy can't wait to meet you!!!!