Friday, January 13, 2012

New Goals for a New Year ~ 2012

  1. Buying a 2012 calendar might be a good start : )
  2. Throw a New Years Party!
  3. Go to Haiti on a mission trip this spring.  (just got accepted to go YAY!!!)
  4. Consolidate my to-do lists.
  5. Purge my magazines keeping the most wanted pages in an organized binder.
  6. Work out 3 times a week ~ with the goal of losing 5-8 lbs. 
  7. Pray more often.  
  8. Learn how to be a better blogger.  
  9. Go to the American Barista and Coffee School of America for a week.
  10. Organize all my moms recipes into one book for her.
  11. Run a half marathon.
  12. Go hiking for a week in Wyoming.
  13. Take my mom downtown Chicago on the train for a fun girls day in the city to celebrate her birthday! 
  14. Finish transferring all addresses into the new address book.
  15. Read Persuasion. 

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