Thursday, August 12, 2010

Posting from quaint little coffee house called Sugarlips!

This post is coming from Sugarlips ~ the new local coffee house located in the heart of Green Lake, WI!!!  This nook in the wall is new to the area and been thriving since this past April.  Just the other day, as my mom was driving through the streets of downtown Green Lake, my eye caught a glimpse of this new treasure; seeing as the town isn't very large, it doesn't take much to notice anything new around here.

This is the neatest little place, full of character and charm!  When you walk through the inviting entryway, there  is a little coffee bar where you order your coffee for here or to go.  The little espresso cups are made of clay and are also sold in the store's adjoining shop that is part of the coffee house itself.  It's a multi-purpose coffee house including gorgeous flowers and pretty stationary.  As I look around there is a cute little couple playing cards, a girl and her grandpa (with a full grey beard : ) playing dominoes, other people sitting at the espresso bar ordering drinks,  two women behind me having a girl conversation and still others who are browsing the web and socializing with their friends.

Green Lake has been and is the vacation spot of my family for the past 25 years!  Thanks to my wonderful grandma, we stay at her beautiful home right on the lake where we go swimming, water skiing, inner tubing, canoeing, sailing.... you name it!   Oh yes, whenever we go on the boat we also drink Coronas with lime, yes, ALWAYS with lime and no other way!!!  We also enjoy a good summer read, eat, sleep, float on the boat, have friends out to visit and throw around the water football with my brothers!   Well, I guess I should say goodbye to this coffee house and get back to the cottage, but I'm sure I'll be back for another cool and refreshing coffee drink!!!

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