Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blogging - A whole new world!

Wow, learning how to blog is like learning how speak a whole new language in a way!  I used to think that it was a rather strange or impersonal way of expressing what was on ones mind, but now, it seems more and more that it is a great way to be creative; learning how to piece thoughts, articles, pictures, fascinating web-sites all together and being able to share them so easily with others.  While I am a strong advocate of the good old fashioned snail mail, this seems quite fantastic - being able to keep in touch with others in a more creative way than just the usual and occasional facebook message.   While the hand written note can carry a good story or share the happenings of life, this avenue seems to be perfect for the creative mind of the woman where the arsty side can come out in the pictures and articles we post.  Thanks to a dear friend of mine (with whom I will be traveling to Europe come this Fall!) I was inspired by her creativity, expressive of her wonderful personality, to start blogging!  Thank goodness for this inspiration because, being the non-computer friendly person that I am, I'm bound and determined to trudge through and master the workings of this computer and its ways!  It will be a nice way to stay in touch with those back home and share with those who care to follow, the echos of my heart!  As I continue filling in this blog, the whole picture of my life will continue coming together with vibrant colors added one color at a time;  echos of the past, echos from my dreams for the future and echos to be had from all the grand adventures to come in Europe this Fall!!!


  1. I love your style, Maggie!! So warm and welcoming. I'm sure many will benefit from reading such wonderful posts from you. I await, with much anticipation, your up-coming posts. While we're traveling, we can read each other's blogs. lol

  2. Hee, hee, we should try posting for each other at some point! It would be fun writing our thoughts for each other just to see how well we can express each others personalities through writing!


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