Friday, December 9, 2011

My 2011 Summer Painting Projects!

I'm finally posting pictures of my late summer project!  I had wanted to change the brown trim in the upstairs bedrooms to a clean crisp white and over the course of the early summer months I began this exciting task of  transformation, first in the girls bedroom.  While my mother was quite skeptical of the projects resulting looks, I continued in forward momentum!  First thing I can say now is....I'm glad it's all over!!!  At least the process of sanding all the trim, doors and cuboards, which can get old quickly.  Also taking down wall paper and soaking off glue is therapeutic only until a certain point! : ) Many hours were spent with paintbrush in hand, coffee close by and music as my only companion.  But how rewarding it was to see those first layers of white go up.  Then before one knew it, the first bedroom was complete!  What was once the peppy pink colored girls room is now a fresh relaxing robins egg blue room with gorgeous white trim!  We all loved the new room so much, my mom asked if we could swap rooms????  Relenting this idea at first,  I gradually changed my mind at the thought of having an even bigger and more spacious room for all the girls.  Sooo there I was, starting the whole project all over again.....more coffee, more sanding, more paint, MORE windows, more music, more fun......till I thought to myself midway through.....WHAT was I thinking!!!????  Why did I ever have to think that white trim is sooo beautiful!!???  Well, in the long run I have to admit that it was all worth it!!!   (and what might be the random picture of food was actually delicious sustenance during this fun project!)

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