Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sharing the Joy and Traditions of the Advent Season!

We thought this was going to be the one....

But then there were other prospects!

Yes, this was the one!

The perfect tree all trimmed and ready to go!

How beautiful is that??!!!

I loved how the light is just glowing!

And it looks antique from here.

Such a beautiful tree!

Growing up I loved the season of Advent as we prepared for our Little Saviors coming.  There were always cherished memories shared by my immediate family as we continued our yearly Advent traditions together.  A few of these traditions would include my dad reading a scripture meditation at dinner time while one of the children would light a candle in the advent wreath on the dinner table; putting sacrifice straws in a crib for Baby Jesus and shelter seeking with our Mary and Joseph statues from bedroom to bedroom. Along with these beautiful traditions and ways of preparing for our Lords coming on Christmas day, we of also always anticipated the long awaited moment when we could finally play Christmas music!  The very first Christmas songs to be played usually came with the first batch of Christmas cookies or, as in this years case, with the first Christmas crafts to be made (Yay for modern technology and Creature Comforts blog ~ the source of many cute projects this year)!!!  Now that I'm older, I've been thinking to myself that it would be fun to branch out and spend time relishing in the joy of these delightful holiday moments with a good friend.  Soooo, for the very first time this year (due to my first winter not in college : ) I was able to spend a wonderful Advent filled weekend with a dear friend in Wisconsin!  It was a blast joining in on the fun of hunting for her perfect Christmas tree, taking it home and decking it out in lights and ornaments!  Ooohh and of course we shopped for ingredients,  baked Christmas goodies, listened to Christmas music and then with comfy clothes on and warm cozy blankets we enjoyed a good movie while the Christmas lights sparkled all around.  It was also neat this weekend because as our families had shared some of the same Advent traditions growing up, it was fun to be able to share in our mutual traditions this Advent season!  Needless to say, it was a wonderful way to spend Gaudete Sunday weekend ~ a time of joy and happy anticipation!

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