Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Valentine Blogging Party!

It's not every day that I get to join in on the fun of a blogging party, but when one pops up on the block and it's an open invite, I'm totally down for going!!!  It's a wonderful place to "meet" new people and make new friends!!!

This year a Valentines Blogging Party was hosted by CaseyNicoleLaurenAshlee and Alycia.   They were such sweet hosts and co-hosts ~ make sure to check out their lovely blogs!
While the party supplied ample opportunity to meet many new friends, this party also allowed me to "meet" and truly make, one delightful new friend. 
I feel very blessed right now because I think I met a kindred spirit through this party!
Tina who writes with such ease and talent on her blog, Like Ordinary Life was paired up with me for the Valentines party. 
Meet Tina:
Addresses were exchanged, each others blogs were discovered, shopping was done and then sweet boxes were delivered and received!!!!
Not to mention, the two of us had way too much fun tagging each other in cute instagram pictures as our boxes arrived on our doorsteps!
 What a sweet and thoughtful package she sent in the mail.  I really loved how she put it together with a baking theme and even sent some of her famous homemade chocolate chip cookies!!!
Now I'll let some pictures do some of the talking =)

And as I've told Tina, I think we are like two peas in a pod, seriously.  
Not only can we relate in many ways, but the two of us have the same taste in many things. Yes, we were even born a few months apart in the same year, what are the odds?!?!
I'm very, very grateful for the opportunity to blog and make friends, especially with people like Tina!
We've already become fast and dear friends and I hope that one day we can actually meet up in person. Cause that would seriously make my day!
Make sure to stop by her lovely blog Like Ordinary Life today and start following her adventures and funny stories.   I love that Tina says it how it is.  She is witty and expressive.  She is not afraid to disagree.  She stands up for what she thinks and isn't afraid to speak her mind.  Like every normal person, she sees life how it really is, but she is always challenging herself and looks on the bright side of things. =)
Thank you Valentine Party for bringing such a great friend!



  1. Such a great idea!! What a fun package to get in the mail, and it sounds like you made a wonderful new friend!!! That would be so cool if you two could meet one day in person! I can't wait to check her blog out:)! I hope you make some yummy cookies with all those cute baking gadgets!

  2. Look all of your great gifts!

  3. How cute, baking theme! I love it.

  4. I love the gifts, they all match. Super Cute. This link up was so much fun.


  5. Love the all of the baking goodies you received! How awesome to meet someone who you already feel is a friend.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. I participated in the gift exchange/link up as well!!! I love all the goodies you got! How cute!

  7. Love those towels! Thanks for stopping by earlier. What a fun swap this was!

  8. She did a great job! I looooove the hedgehog card. SO cute! I've got to go check out her blog!


  9. What a fun swap! Isn't Tina the best? Love all the fun Valentine-y goodness you got :-)

  10. This was such a fun blog swap! Your baking gift is super cute. I really love that kitchen towel!
    With Luck

  11. What a great box...filled with all the stuff for baking! The red and white would go great in my kitchen ;) What a fun swap!

  12. "Whisked Away" - I love that!! How fun!


  13. I am so glad you love your gift! Those cookies... I am nervous to give the recipe out because everyone's oven is different, you know? But I will tell you that I ONLY use Ghiardelli chocolate. It makes a big difference.

    Thanks for the amazingly kind words. Hope you are enjoying the snow!

  14. loveeeee the cute vday stuff!! and your blog :)

    new follower:



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