Thursday, January 30, 2014

Life Lately

Has involved cutting sweets out of my diet, as much as possible.  It's hard when friends give you homemade caramels and trays of delectable truffles! 

I'm quickly realizing that I NEED to go back to an indoor gym.  It's been way too cold outside to make any progress as far as exercise goes.  I'll probably be looking into a mini membership during the months of February, March and April. 

Being pregnant I have no energy or desire to cook.  My poor husband.  You know the groceries are low when he can't even come home and make himself a tray of chips and cheese.   It's time to go to market!!!

This weekend my hubby and I are heading out to the cabin to check on all the pipes.  I pray everything is okay out there with all this below zero business.  We have a couples weekend at the cabin in February and we'd hate to see us all get out there late at night only to find out that the pipes were frozen over.  On a happy note, all the couples can't wait for our long weekend together!  Our weekends together involve a wood burning stove, great food and lots of board games!!!

Last week was a long one.  It was a 50 hour work week between my two jobs with barely enough time for quick naps and good nights of sleep.  I'm definitely enjoying my day off from work today.  Oh what to do with "all" my free time.  

Life lately has also involved putting together a really important package that I had been meaning to pop in the mail for a long time.  I finally got my act together, packaged everything that needed to be in the box very carefully, taped that baby up reallll tight and then realized that I completely forgot all the important notes that were supposed to be in that darn box!!!!  Feeling accomplished enough that I actually put the package together, an email note sufficed just fine =)  Pregnant brain problems! Ha, ha it's been happening a lot lately. 

I really, really need to get a fresh hair cut and soon!  I haven't seen the hair stylist who did my hair for the wedding since the wedding.  She said to come see her and she would freshen it up and try something new and a little more drastic, I kinda like the sound of that!

It already feels like the weekend and that is a good thing.  I'm planning on grabbing some tunes for the road and The Light Between Oceans and spending some cozy snuggle time in front of the wood burning stove this weekend.  
What are your weekend plans?


  1. Get your sleep. You need it! And forgive your absentmindedness. I hear it's a symptom of pregnancy and so that's just fine. :) When else do you have an excuse for forgetting things?!?! haha!

  2. I slept till 11:30am yesterday!!! It felt great!!! Sleep, sleep, sleep, that's pretty much all I want to do lately : ) It's definitely a good excuse to forget things, but I will be grateful when I'm not so absentminded. All for a good reason though! =)

  3. Yeah, unfortunately we got hit with so much snow, so I don't think we can make it to the cabin this weekend :( I am loving this winter wonderland today!!! Holding up in a coffee house and waiting for my friend to get here. It sounds like you have a fun and cozy weekend planned, enjoy!

  4. homemade caramels? how incredible! I don't think I could ever turn that down. Congrats on the great news!


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