Friday, February 7, 2014

Life's Random Moments and Thoughts

So thankful to my wonderful mother-in-law for a lovely afternoon trip into Gap to buy my very first maternity outfits!  She is such a thoughtful, sweet and fun woman and I really enjoyed our shopping trip together, even if it had to be quick.  Such a funny feeling not fitting into my old jeans anymore!

My poor husband has been really sick since last weekend and I'm grateful he is now on the mend.  We had ourselves a little lunch date at Potbellies today, during which we enjoyed some background jams and discussed summer plans.  He doesn't remember me mentioning the idea of Hawaii while he was sick, so I'm glad I brought it back up.  =)  His family will be going this summer and they asked if we wanted to make the trip.  We both decided today that it's a YES!!!!!  I'm really happy and excited that we will have a nice long week together with his family creating memories with them before our little baby arrives!!!  Any chance to spend extended periods of time with his family is always a wonderful thing!  I foresee many relaxing days spent together on the beach with good books in our hands.

Fast forward a year or two and we would love to take our baby to London on a little family trip.  Call me crazy, but I really want to travel as a family, while our children are little.  I think it could mean real adventures!  I've always wanted to go back and take my hubby with me!

Next I can't wait to tranform our spare bedroom into a children's nursery.  I want it to be very, very simple, but also extremely appealing and a relaxing place to spend many hours with our little babe.  I don't want any clutter, but I do want the room to look complete, with only the necessities, books and toys that are "necessary" for child's play and story time.

Right now I'm basically a food tornado in the kitchen, well at least for anything that's considered a fruit. I'm constantly craving grapes, apples, clementines, strawberries, kiwis and mango smoothies.

I can't wait to visit my best friend next month.  I haven't seen her enough since my wedding in October.  I think I got used to our monthly visits with one another and have been suffering from withdrawal.  I need some sister time with this girl!!!!  Then maybe I can sneak on her laptop and check out all her awesome pictures from her trip to Europe! =)

Hip, hip hooray for Fridays and the weekend!!!

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  1. Your mother in law is amazing! How sweet and fun! Ok was there really an option to say NO to hawaii?? I mean really Maggie and Charlie?! haha I am so glad you are feeling better Charlie!! Designing a nursery sounds like fun! Man I wish I could come and help!!! Ugh we need to live closer! I cannot wait for you to visit!! ahhh Maybe that's my problem lately I'm in Maggie withdrawel?! it will be so nice to have sister time, long chats, lots of food! Finally I won't be the only one who is hungry!!!! I am hoping that the pictures are in a book when you get here:)!!
    Love you chica! Keep posting!


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