Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's Nesting Time!

baby's mermaid from Hawaii :)
Here we are, 31 weeks and counting!  Thanks to busy days, time is flying.  While I typically would like to see summer pass by a bit on the slower side, this summer is rather different as my hubby and I anxiously await the arrival of our very first baby in two short months!!!! For most summers, I also wouldn't mind finding the temperatures up in the mid 80s-90s, but this summer has been exceptionally cool and I'll take it!   It's pretty much been the perfect summer for being big and preggo and yet still somehow comfortable.  

Nesting has finally hit that glorious peek I was waiting for all along.  Many days I was wondering when it would hit and then bammmm, "hello nesting!"  A major road block was the idea of having to finish all the painting projects around our house.  Little babes nursery was the priority and I knew it had to be done before her arrival.  I don't want major things left on our "to-do" list once the baby is here.  Once our little girl arrives, I'm taking time off from work to stay at home and soak up all those precious moments with our new daughter.

So, necessary steps taken, a painter was hired and in the end, what would have taken us weeks to do the painter did in a day and a half!!!!  Hallelujah praise the Lord, her room is completely painted, floor to ceiling, doors to trim.  Once we passed that hump, I was able to get back in her room and make some exciting  progress.

So now you will find me ordering light switch covers online or making a trip to Home Depot to pick up floor vents, paint and the random lone screw needed to attach the broken nob from a dresser.  Yes, I even picked up a new toilet seat lid for our bathroom on a random trip to Ace Hardware 30 minutes before Church.  Next day, there I was, gloves on and garbage bag ready, as I tackled that old seat, scrubbed down the toilet and replaced it with a new one!  Good bye rubber gloves!  Thanks for saving me from the grossness that is toilet.   It's now time to get a fresh pair of gloves.  If you didn't already know, rubber gloves are my best friend =) And if that job left me with the only nausea I've had all pregnancy, I'll take it and even do the job again!!!!  

At this point, the best pregnancy life savers have been my one cup of coffee a day, walking, the chiropractor and thanks to my wonderful hubby, my Bump Nest!!!!  Second to him, I'm in love with my Bump Nest.  At night, crawling into that nest is the best and most comfortable feeling ever.  I supports my entire body, both front and back.  Guess I can't rave about this life changing pillow enough!  Whoever invented such a little thing that gives soooo much comfort, I wanna hug you right now.

And now, under the weather with the first bug of the pregnancy, I'm off for a much needed nap.  
Good night!!!  Maybe I won't wake up till morning.


  1. Well I am glad someone is liking this cool summer! he he I am so glad you had someone do the painting for you girl! Especially with everything going on this summer! Only two more months! Holy buckets!!! I cannot wait to be visiting you THREE!!!!:)

  2. This makes me smile because my nesting sounds like your nesting. In the past 7 days we have bought and (in most cases finished) projects including fabulous tasks such as:
    - installing a new kitchen faucet
    - replacing bi-fold closet doors in each of our hallways
    - replacing the bathtub faucet
    - installing blackout shades in our room and the nursery
    - replacing our front and back doorknobs, and, of course, getting extra sets of our new keys made

    So, yeah, I hear you on your toilet seat. :)

  3. Wow, you've really tackled some awesome projects. Doesn't it feel great?!?!?! I'm LOVING all this nesting!!!! It feels wonderful having this productive rush of energy for getting so many things done. I still need to find shades for the baby's room! Where did find some you liked? I also need to go shopping for new door handles. I had the painter leave the old ones off of the nursery and bathroom doors. I can't wait to be over this silly cold and have my nesting energy back =)


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