Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Sunday Currently, vol. 18

Reading:  A book on nursing =)

Writing:  down lists of things that I need to get done in the upcoming weeks.  

Listening:  to the cicadas as I sit out on my family's screened in porch! Summer hasn't been hot at all, until yesterday that is.  I'm soooo grateful that the heat decided to hold off for awhile.  Being pregnant while it's humid and hot out isn't fun!!!  Pool days are back :)  

Thinking:  about how extremely grateful I am to have just hired a painter to come in and paint the last few rooms in the house.  In a matter of a day and a half, the painter is finishing the baby's room and bathroom today!!!!  I'm beyond thrilled.  He even did all the doors, trim and high ceilings!  This job alone would have taken me over a week.  It totally pays to get some help once in awhile.  Plus, now my hubby can go into our birth experience more relaxed and not exhausted.  Just two more days with the painter and he will have also finished our huge stairway, upstairs hallway and ridiculously tall ceilings!!!   What a gift from God at the end of this pregnancy!

Wishing:  that the cool days of summer would return.  70 degrees and breezy, where are you??? 

Hoping:  that once everything is painted, I can put a few more finishing touches on the little babes room!  Still on the hunt for a glider and a big pink or grey rug!!!!

Smelling:  fresh cut grass.

Wearing:  maternity jean shorts, a white stretch top and my turquoise babymoon ring from my hubby!

Loving:  the cream colored walls in the babes nursery.

Wanting:  today to last extra long so I can relax before next week comes round.  Also wanting to get a few blog posts written, either today or some time next week.  Blogging has fallen to the way-side, but that's okay.  Having friends in town, taking a trip to Hawaii and getting the house ready for a baby seems to be a pretty good excuse to take a break =)

Needing:  a nap.  enough said.  

Enjoying: girl time with some of my childhood girlfriends.  I made the trip up to WI last week to see my girlfriend's new house and next week the same two friends are coming down to visit me!!! 

Feeling:  grateful for friends who come over to grill out and enjoy a bonfire in the middle of the week. 

Anticipating:  little babes arrival.  I can't wait to meet her!!!!  There are many loving arms ready to hold her.

Grab a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket and enjoy 
a very relaxing Sunday!!!
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  1. Hey it's getting close!? when are you due again?

    I totally understand how amazing it is to get a painter. We did the same thing when we moved to our home. We hired a painter for the nursery and our side entrance. Best spent money.

  2. The little babe is due this Fall and I cannot wait!!! Thanks for stopping by =)

  3. Yes, it was the best idea yet!!!! It was so refreshing being able to go into our baby's room and just start to put things together for real. Can't wait to put on all the finishing touches. Sorry chic, these cool breezy days are incredible!!! Okay, just for your weekends sake at your family's pool, I hope you get some sunny days!

  4. We are due mid september!!! Just around the corner! I cannot wait to hold this little bundle of pink. It looks like you are really enjoying your little one too! =)


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