Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Sunday Currently, vol. 19

Reading:  A book from the Chiropractor called "Well Adjusted Babies" and this book is BY FAR my favorite book of my entire pregnancy!!!  So many helpful suggestions, even for these last weeks of pregnancy!  Couldn't recommend this book enough. 

Writing:  "thank you notes" to all the sweet Tae Kwon Do moms who have been showering us with baby books, baby outfits and manicures and pedicures for mommy, (who definitely can't reach her toes anymore)!    

Listening:  to my husbands motivational Tae Kwon Do movie in the background before he tests again today.

Thinking:  that I should start washing baby clothes really soon!!!  I just brought home a huge rubbermaid filled with gorgeous baby clothes from when my little sister was just a newborn.  Can't wait to see what's in there. 

Wishing:  baby would come a week or two early, I wouldn't mind at all =)

Hoping:  that today is another amazing pool day!  Need more sunshine before Fall comes.  It's right around the corner, at least according to all the leaves on the ground already!

Smelling:  My favorite Anthropologie candle.

Wearing:  maternity pajamas and a soft pink nursing robe from my mother in law!

Loving:  having a fridge once again!!!!  I'm loving eating at home, snacking on veggies and fruit and making cappuccinos again every morning before work. 

Wanting:  two full days to finish getting this house cleaned and in order.  Purging and cleaning has been in full force around here lately and I want to keep it up/finish it.  I'm ready to sit back in the rocking chair and wait for babe.

Needing:  a nap, again.  

Enjoying: late night walks around the neighborhood with my hubby. 

Missing:  the above view in Hawaii.  Besides the incredibly long flight, I'm ready to go back!!!! 

Anticipating:  little babes arrival in 5 weeks or less :)........or more! :(

Have yourself  
a very relaxing Sunday!!!

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  1. Only 5 more weeks!!! OH MY GOSH that sweet baby girl is going to be here before we know it! I cannot wait to meet her and see how beautiful she is! That view looks amazing! I wouldn't mind that either!:) I hope you had a nice relaxing day!


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