Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl, 
Mommy and Daddy couldn't be more ready or more excited to meet you!!! Your mommy has been falling asleep with happy tears in her eyes because she is getting overwhelmed with the emotion of how close your birth is.  Only 4 more weeks little one!

You are more active than ever these days and the two times you enjoyed steak this week, you went nuts.  I think I know what your favorite food is :)  We've been beefing up the protein, salad and fruit intake and cutting out all carbs and sugars which has been good because mom's lost weight and the doctor's been happy.  Win-win!

Just this past Friday your sweet daddy picked up your glorious glider and ottoman so mommy could keep rocking you in the mornings upstairs in your nursery!  I have to admit, your papa looks like a pro when he sits in it and he literally squeals out of joy and excitement when he thinks of you being on his shoulder or in his arms!!!  With a glider in your room and one downstairs, you've been getting rocked twice a day.  Here's to hoping you're a baby who LOVES being rocked instead of walked!!!  I know it works for some babies, but not all.  Let's keep our fingers crossed for mom and dad's sake, okay?

Your mom has been reading Well Adjusted Babies when she can't fall asleep at night and has been prepping for these last few weeks.  Last night was our first cup of Raspberry Leaf tea to help strengthen the uterus for birth and post birth.  Our friends swear by its magical powers!

Now that your nursery is all complete and set up, clothes washed and in drawers, I guess it's time to check off the last items on our birthing list.  Mom has the towels all washed for the birth, but she still has to pick up a water proof mattress pad and some safety pins at the store.....those last loose ends.
Last night daddy surprised mommy with a few boxes of Tucks.  It's hilarious how things like that seriously become sweet gestures of thoughtfulness when you become parents =)  

Speaking of the really romantic thoughtful, your daddy is one of the most thoughtful guys I know!  Your papa sent surprise flowers last week with a note about how excited he was that we were counting down from the one month mark!!!!!!!!! Can't tell you enough how much that encouraged and motivated me to think "we can do this!!!!" We both seriously can't wait to meet you sweet baby girl.  We are guessing the time what you will look like.....will you have hair, will it be blonde or black, how much will you end up weighing, will you come on time, late or even, of all shocking things, early?

Your mama is super excited to celebrate your life this weekend with friends and family!  Both grandmas and both great grandmas will be at your shower.  How fun is that, little one?!?! 

Up until this point, you've really let your mama sleep pretty well through the night, but all within the matter of a week, that has completely changed.  Now you keep me up on and off all night.  Things are starting to get pretty heavy and uncomfortable, which is probably a good thing because it just means we are getting closer.  If we don't think in the positive, we'll moan in discomfort.

Fall is slowly creeping into the air and daddy has brought in a handful of yellow leaves.  This makes us soooo happy because it reminds us that we are closer to meeting you!!!!  We can't wait for you to come so we can keep you outdoors enjoying the Fall weather.  Taking you to the cabin, the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch and traditional Fall festivals are on our top priority list for after you arrive, so hurry on out here little one!

Mom is definitely going to miss being pregnant with you, but she is even more excited to finally hold you in her arms all day and all night.  Seeing daddy hold you for the very first time is going to be magical, just like watching daddy's face as mom walked down the aisle at church :) nothing else like it. 

We love you, love you, love you, sweet little babe!!!! 
See you ever SO soon our little girl!
Mommy & Daddy

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  1. That little girl is so blessed to have such loving parents!! Oh my gosh this was the sweetest ever! I love love love all of your excitement! Praying for you and I can't wait to visit you with a sweet baby in your arms!!!!!!! AHHH


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