Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our Baby Girl's Nursery

    Our baby girl's nursery is all set for her to arrive! Even though she won't be in this room until she is a bit older, I still wanted everything ready and waiting.  Working on the nursery wasn't something I wanted to be doing once the baby came.  It is by far my favorite room in the whole house and I find myself time and again just sitting in her room or rocking in her rocking chair as we wait patiently for her to arrive.   Besides a few small items and the wonderful glider from my hubby, everything in the baby's room has been gifted to us!   I did add the bookcase and side table to pull everything together and I couldn't be more happy with how soothing the room turned out.   We kept the room as neutral as possible with the cream walls and accents of grey so that the room could also be easily set up for a baby boy one day.  It was fun adding hints of pastel pink throughout the room and that made the room plenty sweet for a baby girl!!!  Here is how her nursery has turned out since our baby shower last week:

 If you want to see an adorable baby boy nursery, head over to my good friend Tina's Blog!  We are due two days apart and have enjoyed sharing conversations back and forth throughout our entire pregnancies.  We are still waiting for the BIG text saying one of us is finally in labor!!!! =)

So, so soon!!!!

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  1. I love how the light bounces off that lamp. It's SUCH a gorgeous look! It all looks so perfect and the pink accents are darling. You're going to love having that ottoman. We didn't get one but I'm thinking that we'll be regretting that. I just couldn't find one I liked and now I'm thinking my pickyness is going to be the death of my comfort! These pics are great! And thanks for the shout out! I bet one of us goes into labor over the full moon!!!


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