Thursday, June 21, 2012

Iron & Wine

     Thank goodness for romantic lazy summer evenings!  First concert of the season ~ Iron & Wine complete with a yummy picnic and an amazing bottle of white wine (found on a dinner date out with Charles)  This entire combination made for a great Saturday evening date!   Iron and Wine has a unique Indie style about them that is simply chill and wonderful.  Charles knows how much I love this song "the Boy with The Coin" and kept reassuring me the entire evening that they would play "my song".  As the evening drew to a close and they still had not played my favorite song I began to cry inside just a little.  I just wanted them to play my song, just once, pretty please!!! To my inner delight they did end up playing the song second to last.  Then, here was the grand finale.... a new favorite!

This was a great kick off for the concert season as I'm also looking forward to Sarah Mclachlan, Colbie Caillat, Sugarland and Demi Lovato.  This is definitely a summer filled with great music accompanied by wonderful company to go with it. 

The best concert atmosphere ever!  I love seeing so many people all together on one big lawn picnicking and enjoying their wine!

 Between all the candles and trees that were lit up, I'd say it was a pretty romantic place to be on a summers night!

Me and "the Boy with the coin" : ) 

Iron & Wine (insert a little squeal here)!!!

 Happy concert going, people!!!

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  1. That looks absolutely wonderful! A perfect date night!


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