Sunday, June 24, 2012

Missed Proms and Family Reunions and don't forget the Donkey!

After work on Saturday morning, the actual weekend began with a little shopping for summer clothes and things that I'll take with on my trips to MN and Hawaii : )  The awesome find of the day:
This super cute La La Romper that I found in my favorite sleepwear section!  

The actual colors of mine are even cuter than this one! : )

Saturdays activities ended in a Sugarland concert with my brother and good friends from Ave Maria University (w/ a bud light lime in hand :)  YEAH Baby!!!  
Reason for the outlandish title of this post came from the fact that a fan at the concert had a sign saying he was missing prom to be there that evening.  Seeing as prom was ummm....quite a while ago, we all know that couldn't possibly be true.  But it turned into the joke of the evening and was called up on stage twice!  Guess his excuse worked and got him the attention he was looking for.  Then another girl's sign said she was missing her family reunion to be there that evening.  "Stuff happens" she said.  Then a third sign said, "play this song for me and you can pin a tail on my donkey!"  So these stories combined lead to an evening of missed proms, family reunions and donkeys!  Needless to say, the concert was amazing and my brother and I had quite a blast with our good friends from college!  
A great way to spend a summers evening!

Ave Maria Represents!!!

Canaan Smith opened for Sugarland tonight!  I really enjoyed their style of music.

Katie and I chilling out

I love weekends like these, especially when they end on a happy note!  With Sunday came a last minute decision to get together with one of my best friends in Wisconsin.  We've been friends for years and it was great getting to spend  a few hours chatting away with her and her sister.  (what girls do best!)
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend too!

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