Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{ Todays Letters }

Bronze twist sandals from Boden
Dear Weekend, I wouldn't mind if you decided to come early this week!  Not only because I'm pumped for an awesome Colbie Caillat concert with my mom, my sister and my boyfriend's mom and his sisters, but because weekends are just relaxing (all relative to the rest of the week that is :).  Dear Boyfriend,  I love how you are such a planner of surprises!  I can't wait to find out what you have planned for my birthday surprise this Sunday.   You are just amazing!  Dear Boden, thank you for my twist sandals for the warm summer months; you ended up being pretty cute, even though you weren't my favorite color gold like I had really hoped you would be.  Dear Becs, thanks for being such a great after college pen-pal and for sharing the joys of letter writing with me ~ your most recent letter was a highlight of the week!  Thank goodness for friends that make getting bills a little more bearable! Dear Lost, thanks a lot for getting me all addicted to you; you're an awesome show and I swear you make 4 hours feel like 40 minutes!  Dear Charles, thank you for your love letters that just appear in the mail out of the blue, they make me smile!

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