Thursday, June 21, 2012

Inspirational grounds for blogging and planting flowers!

My boy and I planting away.

All planted ~ now I just hope our little friends are getting watered every day!
Dear Charles, thank you for being willing (and happy ; )  to join me in doing many things I enjoy doing, such as planting flowers!  You know how bummed I was last weekend when our plans to do this fell through, so thanks for making such a big point of it this weekend.  Of course it wasn't complete without our trip to Portillos for big bacon cheeseburgers before hand and a concert at Ravinia afterwards!!!  This was the perfect summer Saturday spent together, at least in my opinion that is.  Dear Green Goodness,  thank you for being the perfect solution to masking the interesting taste of the other powdery green goodness that I add to you in the morning! : )  I think this regimen is giving me energy which is always a good thing, right??  Dear pillow, thanks for being organic and almost always my favorite part of the day.  Dear Miss Becca thank you for being the inspiration and driving force to get me on my blogging way again!  It feels good to be back!

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