Monday, September 24, 2012

Five Things

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Over here the weekend was filled with friends, good food, an apple bake off, making new friends, shopping, time with my boyfriend, Church, a play and some Downton Abbey & hot chocolate!

Here is a little recap of life as of late.

Firstly, I'm pretty happy to be wearing this scarf again and even more glad that leopard is still in:

It's a favorite of mine from J.Crew =)  

I would much rather own one really nice scarf that I absolutely love and wear all the time as opposed to owning several that I never really wear and don't really like.  My father always taught me this, smart man ;)

And I'm WAY super excited because I just found out yesterday that we have a Sprinkles Cupcake store right here in the Windy City!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(I don't have to go to CA for these after all!  Even though I still plan on visiting there eventually just because it would be fun and amazing!) 

Ummm I definitely think a visit to the city is in order now that I know this!  Maybe this week??? =)

I'm also pretty excited to have just found something pretty similar to POG juice!  POG was one of the best drinks we had in Hawaii and I've been keeping my eyes open for it ever since.  

 I just have to share that this weekend started off with one of the best Friday nights ever!  A few friends all got together and had an apple bake off.  I think we just started a new tradition =) It was girls vs. boys and of course I think it's pretty safe to say that the girls probably won with their incredible Apple-Pie Pecan Cobbler, even though I don't think it was ever officially decided.  

I also spent Saturday day with my mom and sisters.  We went shopping with my 14 year old sister for her birthday and somehow all ended up finding clothes we needed.  No, not just "needed" but yes, needed.  I am going with my mom to a tech conference on iPads mid-october up in the twin cities in MN and so we needed a few pieces of clothing for the trip.  Between Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic and Old Navy, I say we found a great selection and good deals, thanks to coupons on my little iPhone =)  Love that thing!

I spent Saturday night with my sweet boyfriend.  It was nice spending some quality time together.  I ended up back in the stores trying to help Charles find some dress clothes and thankfully we were successful.   In the process I found out boys are pretty easy to shop for, but sorry guys, your clothes aren't nearly as fun as ours!!!  Hee hee 

We made up for shopping by going to Smashburgers for dinner, drinking lots of tea and enjoying the rest of the evening together.

Okay, so we are a little crazy about the leopard print and my mom does steal my scarf from me all the time.  Time to surprise her with one so she will stop stealing mine =) 

Post to come soon with full details about our amazing apple bake off.  

Have a great Monday!

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! That is so exciting you have a Sprinkles! You definitely have to go! I love the fact that your Mom steels your scarf, such cute leopard ladies!


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