Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Life Lately

Life lately.....
has involved several lazy afternoons spent cooking some cozy winter meals.
A favorite is lemon chicken with homemade croutons!
Which turns into leftover chicken soup the very next day.  
Perfect for those really cold winter days.
Other afternoons have been spent picking up flowers just because, grabbing cups of coffee, christmas shopping earlier than usual, spending hours blogging in the coffee house and putting together christmas packages (in November, what?!?!  what's wrong with me?!?!?! I never get to these things this early!!!).
It was kinda nice though.  Getting things done early for once!
I spent a whole afternoon arranging and packaging parcels.
A sweet friend that I made through blogging had the great idea that we should carry on the fun memory of how we met through a gift exchange by sending each other a Christmas parcel. 
Have I mentioned that it's wonderful being a Mrs. Morrison?!?! =)
Here is all the sweet Christmas cheer that arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago!
What thoughtful and beautiful gifts for a newlywed couple for their first Christmas together.  We are already enjoying many of these gifts!
Coffee dates with the bro!
Tackling some DIY projects around the house by switching out old chandeliers....
 for new ones!!!
 And as you can see, we've decided to paint the entire first floor, head to toe!
 And lately I've been baking a whole bunch of pecan pumpkin pies!
Two for Thanksgiving alone =)
 Our tradition of Thanksgiving at gramma's house continues on year after year and we LOVE this
family tradition.  So many ridiculous laughs, it hurts your cheeks!!!
 Love this guy!
 Enjoying the day off work the Friday after Thanksgiving by taking a trip into the city.
Now we are off to the cabin for the rest of Thanksgiving break.
 Just the hubby and our dog,Odin!  The boys both love it up there.
So grateful for such a relaxing and full weekend with family and friends.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to remember how thankful you are for all the important (and sometimes less important) people in your life.  Remember to go out of your way to tell those around you how much you love them, as a family member or a friend.  This really touches their hearts and lets them know they are loved and appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!!
I'm off to pack for the cabin, whoot, whoot =)


  1. Aren't the leftovers (and the soup) the best part?! I could eat Thanksgiving leftovers all year long, I think. :) Have so much fun at your cabin! Sounds like a great way to end a holiday weekend.

  2. Yes, I love leftovers!!! Thanks, the cabin was very peaceful and restful...much needed for sure!


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