Monday, December 30, 2013

settling into married life

 Having been married for almost three months now, we are still settling into married life and will probably be doing so for the next year or more.  It is not something to be rushed, but savored.  I'm cherishing each step of settling into married life, making a house a home.
I love where we live!  The location is extremely convenient for visiting all our family members, for running to the store and getting to work.
The size of our place is perfect, not to big, not too small.  I don't like having to clean a large house, so for now, a two bedroom, two and a half bathroom living space is perfect for us!
There is plenty of room for a few more in this place. =)
On a large scale, being all grown up and married has meant new tires and a new dyer, sadly.   On a small scale it has meant new lamps, trash cans and light fixtures.
On another scale it has been the beautiful and precious treasures from our wedding that fill our house with personal touches that we call our own.

With Thanksgiving being a week later than usual and with Christmas time being right around the corner from our wedding, everything Christmas seemed rather rushed and really busy this year.  I'm looking forward to the next two months.  Hopefully it will be a lot less busy and give us more time to settle in.
Heck, for the time we've had and with everything going on,  I think we've gotten a bit done!
It has felt good.  Really good indeed.
I'm definitely looking forward to the New Year and all the adventures and surprises it will bring!


  1. I have the exact same bowm on my bedside table:) Is that what the problem was this year? Thanksgiving was later? Man I was like wow Advent flew! I was blaming it on my trip! I'm excited for your year ahead too chica!

    ciao bella

  2. Happy New Year, Maggie! What a fabulous year it has been for you :) I love reading your posts about settling into married life and creating your home. I remember those feelings like they were yesterday (well, they aren,t that far away anyway!)


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