Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's still Christmas

While some people put their tree on the curb the day after Christmas, we are a little different in this regard.  Growing up, we typically didn't even get our Christmas tree until a few days before Christmas.   Yes, there was even one year when we picked out our tree on December 24th.  Talk about down to the wire!!! While at times it felt like we were "cutting it close" I enjoyed holding off, making the anticipation that much more exciting!   Plus, while everyone else was getting rid of their tree the day after Christmas, we were just getting into the holiday spirit as we celebrated Baby Jesus' Birth and could party on way past when most of the world was already done celebrating.  Now, I think I like a good balance.  I've decided this year that I don't like the bitter cold that can come with cutting down a tree later in the season.  So next year, we will probably be heading to the tree farm the weekend after Thanksgiving!!!

A big "thank you" to my good friend,  Tina for recommending a great camera!  An even better idea of hers to ask for it this Christmas =) My hubby surprised me Christmas day and I've been snapping away ever since:


  1. Aw I love your Charlie Brown tree! And I recognized a few of those holiday cheers decorating your home! The camera looks to be treating you REALLY well! Yay! It is a good one. I still can't get over your chandelier. We usually put up Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving and keep it up through the New Year, taking it down completely within a week. This year I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the clutter and I JUST put away two boxes of Christmas. There's still a lot around, but I feel like there is less clutter in the house now. Eh. Every year is different, right?

  2. Thanks! This year we didn't even get a chance to put out all the Charlie Brown characters under the tree. Next year! I'm loving the camera, just needing to learn how to use all it's features. Yeah, the house does always feel clean, de-cluttered and fresh when all the Christmas decorations are put away. ;) A good feeling for sure!


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