Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life's Miracles

With only 37.5 days to go before becoming a Mrs. to the man of my dreams, I want to stop and ponder here for a moment.  It hit me and it hit me hard and good, but in a wonderful sort of way.  This morning when I was laying in bed, I was thinking to myself about how much Charlie really is my miracle. 

I've been waiting so many years for the right man to come along.  
There were times when I dated other guys and wondered if they might be the right person to spend the rest of my life with?  But always something was lacking that should have been there.
That knowing deep down inside.
Those little or sometimes big moments where God whispers in your ear and tells you that this is
what He was saving for you all along. 

Charlie was well worth the longgg wait and I'm so blessed he is in my life!
I cannot wait for October 5th to get here and to become his wife, a Mrs. Morrison!!!

Speaking of being a Mrs. Morrison....
The reason for this "random picture" is because it tells a little story of things I look forward to as a wife and hopefully mother one day:

- I look forward to creating a small kitchen similar to this one one day; very british with all the white dishes everywhere!!!  I love the clean look of white bowls and containers =)  This picture makes me think of lazy Saturday mornings and staying in pajamas while brewing french press coffee and whisking up fresh waffles with homemade whip cream, organic berries and real maple syrup.  Then staying in said pajamas and reading good books or playing games together.

- Then who knows at what time, putting on something decent and taking a stroll to the park to go and fly a kite.

- Walking to church on Sundays and then walking to the train station and heading into the city for the day.

- Welcoming home a husband every night and being able to take care of someone that I really, really love and cherish!!!  Hearing how his work day went.  Giving him needed or unneeded back rubs.

- Pulling down my book of life's dreams and making them happen together.

- Waiting to see how this little here blog changes over the next few years as I become a wife and mother and conversations turn to household and children related discussions. 

I know in all reality, life isn't always going to be dreamy and full of roses, but still it doesn't mean I shouldn't always try to make life a little sweeter, even when life gets tough. 

Happy hump day, peeps!


  1. This is such an exciting post! Everything is always worth the wait especially when it comes to the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with! I am so truly truly happy for you Maggie!!!

  2. Such an exciting time for you. :) I too look forward to following your cute blog down wife/mother-hood lane! Enjoy this time before the crazy begins! But I can tell you have an awesome man at your side. God bless.

  3. Such a beautiful post Maggie. I am so so so happy for you. And your post helped remind me of my own excitement 1.5 year ago...when i was waiting to be a wife :) I had waited a very long time too (I was 34 the day we got married in August 2012) but he was so worth the wait. But thank you for this inspirational post, reminding us to always be excited and grateful for our wonderful husband that God gave us. PS - That is one good-looking kitchen!! xoxo

  4. I love this post. And it is a family loving, beautiful kitchen you've described there. I can't wait for you to be Mrs. Morrison either! :) If you aren't too busy this month, we need to schedule a phone call! :)

  5. What an amazingly exciting time for you!!!! Soak up every single second of this sweet chapter of your life :)

  6. I just saw your comment on my blog...thank you!!! I'm so excited for you and excited we are experiencing this at the same time of life!


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