Friday, August 16, 2013

Wedding Shower Weekend Fun

The best part about having friends come in town for your wedding shower are all the festivities and fun adventures that fill the entire weekend.  We know how to pack it in and not
let any time go to waste. 
I love how my beach towel made it on my own blog =) Thanks for showing it off, Josie! I'm glad you remembered yours this time, Rachel Ann, ha, ha!
A poolside picture, courtesy of the nice old man who almost got stuck on the sidewalk from bending down to take the picture for us!

Mama Lou's first Irish Car Bomb.  She thought it tasted nasty!  Too bad she couldn't see past the beer taste and enjoy the yummy chocolate cake taste that we think it has.
Our moms rock the Irish pub!!!
Celebratory Irish car bombs!!!  

The morning of the wedding shower, just trying to wake up. These ladies are enjoying the tree fort porch
off my bedroom.

Wedding shower is over and these ladies really really needed coffee for their drives home!
Josie sports her fiat like the lawyer in the making that she is =)
It totally fits her personality!
Everyone hanging out in bed trying to wake ourselves up the day after the wedding shower.
Off for some more coffee at the local cafe.
Best friends for life right here!!!
See you in October, chica!
It was such an awesome weekend filled with many laughs and talk about growing up!  It's crazy to see
where we are all ending up in life as God takes us all on different adventures.  Knowing I have so many great friends makes the journey even sweeter!
I can't wait to spend more time with them in September and October.
50 more days, Charlie, 50 more days =)


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  1. I love all of these pictures! What a fun weekend and such great conversations! That fiat totally does fit Josies personality I love it! 50 more days holy moly time is flying!!! It's so exciting!


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