Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Sunday Currently vol. 11

Anticipating: a trial run of the hair and makeup this week and meeting with our wedding photographer!

Enjoying: a semi relaxing Sunday with Charlie and the kids. Charlie took us all out for a great breakfast. He knows how to stress right off my shoulders and make life easier. 

Sipping: a homemade iced vanilla latte! I want another one now. :)

Wearing: Black Nike running shorts and a tee shirt. It's too hot out to wear anything else. 

Loving: the fact that pumpkins spiced lattes are now here to welcome in Fall.

Listening: to the Three Stooges playing in the background.  

Wishing: that I could press a pause button for this weekend. I have so much I would love to get done, but know it won't all happen this weekend.  Knowing how busy this upcoming week will be, I know it will fly by!!!

Have a very happy Sunday!


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  1. Oooh I really hope the trial run with the hair and makeup goes well!! Mmmh that latte sounds amazing I haven't had any coffee all weekend! Charlie is great that breakfast out looks fun! I want a pause button for the weekend too! It's slipping by much too quickly!


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