Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Sunday Currently, vol. 12

Thinking: that last nights lingerie party was such a blast!!! Thank you Lauren and Debbie for hosting such a sweet wine and cheese evening, it was soo much fun! We had the best laughs and nice girl time together. I love all these chicas! Friends are awesome, especially when they fly in all the way from MN =) thanks Rachel, you're da bomb!

Wishing: that this weekend wouldn't end. I'm not ready for Monday and I want Rachel's visit to last longer!

Loving: this fall-ish weather and the pumpkin spiced lattes I couldn't resist. 

Wanting: the next three days to be amazing for my sister. I'm taking her to camp timber lee with her school. 

Wearing: Zella stretch pants and a grey Nike sweatshirt. Comfy!!!!

Drinking: Stella Artois Cidre (cider) and its amazing!!! I think it would pair well with a warm cider doughnut :) thanks for introducing me to this new beer, Rachel!

Driving: to Mens Wearhouse to finalize the tux style for the wedding. 

Happy happy fall Sunday!


  1. What a fun, fun time =) It looks as though you all had a blast! Fall is slowly coming isn't it?! I am loving all the little things that are showing that it really is beginning! Enjoy these last few weeks before the wedding!!!

  2. Hi Maggie! I have been wanting to comment for a while but never do because of yeah, I'm just that lazy to open another browser. BUT I just wanted to tell you I'm enjoying reading about all the wedding stuff. Everything looks like so much fun and I can't wait to see pictures of the actual wedding :)

  3. Awe Maggie I miss you SO much right now! I wouldn't have missed your shower for anything! Such fun memories we made! I had such a fun weekend with you! If only we could have stopped time for a little while. Deb and Lauren put on one amazing shower! So many laughs and moments I will never forget HAHAHA!! I hope you are having a wonderful time with Isabel and she is thoroughly enjoying herself! Mmm I can't wait to sip on another Cidre, wow they were delicious!



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