Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A day with no plans!

Sometimes one just needs a day with no plans!!! We can only go, go, go for so long. Plus, with this week being insanely busy every single day, we needed a Monday with no plans. 

Today I was in charge of a few of my siblings and wanted to go with the flow and at their pace to meet their needs. My loving fiancĂ© is always incredible with my siblings and has been such a huge help to me this past week (and every week for that matter =) 

Our Labor Day Involved:
- lots of morning cleaning and chores
- laundry 
- bath time 
- cooking stir fry!
- a Starbucks run
- a last minute trip to the pool which was beyond relaxing (bye bye summer!) 
- a fun phone call from a sweet blogger friend Tina !!!
- a trip to Blue Cherry for frozen yogurt =)
- Pinterest browsing 
- more cleaning and making beds
- just chilling on the sofa with my love


  1. Sounds like a fantastic way to spend Labor day =) Sometimes just catching up with life is relaxation in itself!! Can't wait to see you girly...October is sooooo very close!!!!

  2. Awe I love that picture of Charlie and Bel!! That sounds like a great Labor day! I am so glad you had a day to just chill a little bit! Can't wait to see you in two days!!!!


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