Saturday, September 14, 2013

21 days to go!!!

With only 21 days until our big day, things are busier than ever, but things are coming together. Right now it's down to a lot of last minute details and pulling many loose ends together. These past days and upcoming weeks are filled with meeting our florist, DJ, church, photographer and others involved in the wedding. 

This Friday started with a very early morning rise and a trip downtown Chicago to meet with our florist. I don't often cry in public, but when I walked in Alexandra's studio and saw the flowers waiting on a preset table, tears came to my eyes at how they turned out!!! I gave her a huge hug and asked "are these really for my wedding???" And she said "yes, of course they are!" I was blown away by her talent with flowers and creating something even beyond what I had described and shown her in pictures. I'm so blessed with everyone's help and efforts in bringing the details of this wedding day together. 

The rest of the day was spent running more wedding errands around the city. And as with most trips into the city, we come home pretty exhausted. I came home and immediately ran for my pajamas and some X-factor :) it was time to relax and unwind. 

Charles and I are getting soooo excited for the big day!!!  But for tonight, we are enjoying ourselves at a friends wedding and practicing some dance moves! Back to more wedding planning tomorrow!!!


  1. Wow Maggie I cannot wait to see the center pieces!!! I am so happy it's all comin together for you and turning out better than you imagined!!:) Have fun at the wedding tonight! Take lots of pictures of Charles as a wolverine;)

  2. Thanks Steph! The photos are coming!!! I'm glad we made the flowers such a big part at our wedding, they were a huge hit and we were able to send many of our guests home with a big floral arrangement at the end of the evening!!!

  3. I'm SOOO happy you were able to take an arrangement home with you!!! I can't believe this post was from over a month ago. How time has flown by!!!


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