Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby Bump Week 14

We have made it all the way to week 14 and this little babe is taking her/his first plane ride tomorrow!  A two for one seat special =)
We can't wait to visit our favorite friend in MN and relax for a week together.
These days our little one is the size of a big orange and growing every day.
I'm going through another tired phase which leaves me craving a nap every day!!! Some days it happens, other days it just gets squeezed out.
I've been craving eggs...eggs, eggs, eggs!  Yesterday daddy, little babe and I went on a Sunday brunch date after Church to Egg Harbor Cafe and the little one was soooo happy with two over easy eggs on top of a spicy skillet.  That was the first time in three months that I found myself craving Egg Harbor.
I've also just discovered La Croix apple berry water which is amazing and very soothing!  Even better that it has 0 calories =)   Other strange craving has been loaded chicago hot dogs.  Probably not the best food for the little one, but if I pass a Portillos, I just can't help it!  Oh, and french fries, don't even get me started, those things are the devil.  I guess all my wrong cravings are made up with my daily fruit and frequent salads.  We are trying to be good around here!

On another positive note, as of this past week, I'm officially a Morrison!!!!  Hip, hip horray!!!

Have a great St. Paddy's Day!


  1. You look so darn cute and I cannot wait to see you tomorrow and your cute baby bump! Haha those things are the devil too funny! At least the eggs are good for you:) Should I get you some La Croix? I will I have to run to the grocery store anyway! But I will not buy french fries or hot dogs, sorry I draw the line HAHA!

    Get here already!!!!!!

  2. Love that top - you look wonderful!! I am with you on the hot dogs - and Portillos are the best! Kinda sad that I didn't get to meet you this weekend, but I heard it was great! Have the best time in MN!

  3. Love that shirt!

    You and eggs. Haha. What a good thing to crave! I just crave liquids. And sweets. Try to get those naps and try to have fun flying. I didn't particularly love flying.

    Yesterday my little one had his/her first earthquake AND a TON of turbulence on two different flights. I'm convinved this kid now has its' umbilical cord wrapped around the neck. Fly safe and walk the aisle to stretch your legs!

  4. Thanks, I love it too! Something different from just a tshirt.

    Yeah, I wasn't really a fan of flying either :( It was a little rough and made me a little nervous. Being pregnant, I want to fly as little as possible. Glad we are both home safe and sound!

  5. Thanks Britt!

    I know, I was sad I wasn't able to meet your either. I did get to talk with your sweet mom though and your sister-in-law!!! I have some wonderful pictures that I took though, so I will have to share those with you! It was such a lovely shower!

  6. I can't believe our trip has already come and gone!!! Time flies way too fast! Can't wait to see you again :)


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