Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Joys of Life

~ I'm grateful every day for my wonderful husband and all the joy he brings into my life!

~We just got the flash drive from our wedding and I'm getting sooo excited to share some pictures here on the blog!

~ We are also looking forward to the arrival of our big canvas print from our wedding.  It was a gift from our incredible photographer, Caroline Ghetes!!!  She is one heck of a talented woman and I can't wait for summer and for our families to get together.  I get goosebumps ever time I flip through her photos from our wedding....get ready for a few photo posts!  I LOVE pictures =)

~ Yesterday a friend dropped off a stroller, highchair, car seat and bumbo chair along with many other baby things!!!!  It's getting more and more a reality around here, folks!  This Sunday we are officially moving in the baby crib and dresser :)  Then the next thing I need to order right away is a comfy rocking glider.  Sooo important to start rocking the babe now.

~  Then next on the priority list are a matching side table and bookcase for in the baby's room.  I want to really make the room complete.  I CANNOT stand jobs half done and as long as someone is simply giving us the bed and dresser, I want to finish off the baby's room with the other two matching pieces which are thankfully still available =)

~ I'm still on the hunt for comfy black yoga pants in maternity....having a hard time finding a good thick pair. Any suggestions?  I would love a legging pair and a flair loose pair.

~ Sooo grateful for hubby time at night.  When he gets home from work is my favorite part of the day.  We can catch up and unwind.  Since we finished Big Bang Theory, we've moved on to late night snacks and the X-Files.

~  Getting beyond excited to make a trip up to MN to see my best friend and her family!!!  Less than two weeks away!  My first trip as a pregger mama :)

~ This is going to be a beautiful Lent, I can tell.  Such a sweet time to grow closer to the Lord, to my husband and to our little babe through prayers and sacrifices.  I'm loving our separate and mutual Lenten sacrifices, it brings us so much closer!

Yay for the weekend, it's almost here!!!
Do you have plans for the weekend?
We are getting together with friends for a mexican dinner and game night.



  1. I can't wait for you to post pictures!!!! They are stunning, and I want her for my wedding if I ever get married! Are you here yet? I'm beyond excited for your visit too!!!:)

  2. Gap yoga pants are see through in the thighs I've recently found out. Comfy, though. Don't bother. I can wear them around the house but that is about it. I'm wondering about Loft. And Target....
    AND LOVE BIG BANG THEORY! I watch episodes over and over and over.
    And wondering, what collection at RH is the nursery from? LOVE their stuff- baby and adult.


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