Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spyhouse Coffee Co. & A Friend

Last week I took a mini vacation from work and boy was it lovely!
It was the perfect little breather.
I headed up north to visit this amazing woman!
She is one of those dear friends who flew in town just to surprise me the day I got engaged and then continued to be one of those "above and beyond friends" who flew in town every other month until the wedding!!!  What a faithful and sweet friend she is.  Soooo..... it was high time I went to visit her.
She and I share a great love for coffee, although, I have to admit she is much more disciplined when it comes to giving it up. =)

The morning I flew in to see Rachel, I decided to forgo a mediocre cup of Starbucks in anticipation of one of her new favorite coffee houses.
End result? It was well worth the wait!!!
Rachel enjoyed a delicious cappuccino while I sipped on a hot vanilla cardamom latte!
And the strawberry rhubarb lemon pastries were heavenly and not too sweet.
Not happy when that one cup is gone!  I can't wait for that second cup this fall.  The perfect season to drink multiple cups!
This place was adorable and I sooo wish we had a cute place like this around here. 
So. much. character.
This was a fantastic start to an amazing week.
More pictures to come soon!



  1. That coffee place is as cute as they come, and the food looks delicious - it helps that they're such amazing photos :) So glad you got to spend time with your friend!

  2. I can't believe that our week together is already over:( What an amazing time it was though! I want another Spyhouse cappuccino RIGHT NOW!! Your pictures are amazing, they capture all of the character! I am making a trip up there after Lent for sure! I miss you so much, and thank you so so much for your lovely visit, baby bump and all! You rock girl!


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