Monday, November 4, 2013

Everything Red and Happy!

I'm in love with everything RED lately!!!
  Reds and bright yellows =)  Guess they're such cheery and happy colors.
This past Sunday we celebrated being married 30 days! Wow has time flown by
and I don't even know where October went.
And this is my husband's reaction to Starbucks red cups being out, even before Thanksgiving!
Red spatulas add an extra spice to cooking =)
 Our favorite red wedding bowl and red hot sauce on our dinner table.
 and red leaves... yeah, yeah, you get the idea!
 trick-or-treating with my ip man
 Uh oh, my new favorite "food" is .... bacon waffles!!!
I can't remember the last time I bought a wallet.  A huge huge "thank you" to my sweet
hubby for this beautiful RED wallet, I LOVE it!!!!
 Nothing like a clean stack of white towels ready for the week.
 and an organized linen closet.
 Some of the best moments lately?!?!? 
 oatmeal, coffee and tea in bed!!!
Time to enjoy more walks through the park and this lovely weather we've been having.
Charlie and I can't wait to celebrate our one month anniversary tomorrow!!!

Happy November Everyone!!!!!


  1. I love the wallet!! So cute and classy! Look at you you little domestic diva haha! I love it! I love white towels, you can't have colored thay is just gross! I miss you SO much!

  2. Ha, ha, ha, you crack me up!!! I know, I used to think I might like colored towels, but now I'm all about the white ones :)


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