Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Honeymoon Part I

Having come to our one month anniversary since our big day on October 5th, I thought it would be
nice to reflect back on our honeymoon in Arizona!!!
Oh those very first days as everything starts to soak in....on many occasions it took some pinching to realize that our sheer joy and pure happiness wasn't just a dream.
We don't know who put these decals on our Jeep, but we still love driving around with them on. They have been the reason for many fun conversations with friendly people around town =)

It's a strange feeling leaving your best friend to sleep in your bed at home and not being there with her.
And then we were off!!!
The honeymoon began with starbucks in the taxi, but was followed by this!!!
Time to finally relax :)
Sofritas ~ One of our favorite local places to eat out.
Their sangria was amazing and so was all their authentic mexican food!

Hitting the sunshine and vitamin D every morning!!!
Slowly waking up with our coffee out on the bedroom porch and watching the sun rise!
Then heading downstairs to sit and enjoy the morning sun.
Morning handsome!!!

Cookie monster is our means of transportation in AZ =)  that thing was a beast to drive!
Ahhhhhhhh one of my favorite days was by far our spa day!
If you are ever in the Scottsdale area in AZ you should definitely check out spa Avania at the Hyatt.
They were having a quiet day so they let us stay in our own private suite for much longer than we had scheduled our appointment for. 
The mineral pools and hot tubs were heavenly!
The hubs enjoyed his cold beer in the hot tub =)
After our massage they brought us a delicious complimentary food platter filled with apples, cheese, figs, nuts, prosciutto and chilled glasses of corona!
We spent the entire rest of the day enjoying all of the other amenities at the spa.
It was by far our most relaxing day in AZ!!!
We would go from reading, to swimming, to ordering food, to using the saunas.... it was oh so lovely!

We started the day with a little trip to Barnes and Noble so we could pick up some reading materials.
Knowning we would be by the pool all day, we thought it would be nice to read again, now that we actually had time for it =)
The hubby reading up on Tae Kwon Do forms for his testing which is next week already!!!

And this was the start to our incredible week honeymooning in Arizona!  I was thrilled that we
ended up going to Arizona for our honeymoon because the terrain is so different from everywhere I've ever been and so the visual and the memories are still so vivid in my mind.
Because it was a place SO unique from everywhere else I've ever been, I'll always think of AZ as our honeymoon state!!!

Part II coming next =)

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  1. You seriously still don't know who put those decals on your jeep? It was so strange to be at your parents without you! Your Mom Bern and I had quite the slumber party though! SANGRIA - that looks amazing! What an incredible spa day! I am glad you were both able to relax and get rejuvinated! I can't wait for part II!


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