Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lady Antebellum!!

Wow, what a concert!!!  
Charlie's dad got him birthday tickets to go see Lady Antebellum and wow, just wow, I've never gone VIP to a concert before and let me tell was great!
This pregnant woman LOVED all the free food the entire hour and a half before meeting Lady Antebellum.  I really wanted a beer, but I know that has to wait!
Then just like that, there they were!! Up close and personal. 
They love being casual and informal with their audience. 
During our VIP time with them before the actual concert, they took questions between jamming some songs for us.
I raised my hand and told them how much I loved their song, "Just a Kiss" and how it was the song Charlie and I danced to as the closing song at our wedding.  
They gave me a hard time and said, "really, your last song?  why not your first?  just kidding!  what was your first song?" and when we told them we walked out to Kung Fu Fighting they laughed and started singing it for us!!!
Then they played "Just a Kiss" for us and dedicated it Charlie and Maggie.
They really humor their crowd!   With kisses, signatures, pictures, questions, jokes...
Then we moved on to the actual concert.

 The minute they hit the stage they rocked the house!!!

They were incredible live!!!
I would definitely go see them again in a heart beat =) 
They have such pure talent and a liveliness about them that just exudes through their performance. 
And boy could they get the crowd going!
I just wish I had taken my good camera with me....dang it!
Next time =)

Have you ever had to the chance to see Lady Antebellum live?


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