Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 22 and Life Lately

Here we are at week 22!!!!!
Sunday May 4th was the very first time that mom felt our little girl on the outside!!!  I was sitting on the sofa with my hand on my belly and all of a sudden, kick, kick, kick!  Of course, poor dad missed it this time, but I'm sure he will be feeling her soon enough.   This little girl is a real kicker! =)  Sunday May 11th  ( mother's day ), she decided that in the middle of church would the perfect time to distract me with her very first visible kicks from the outside.  I saw her kick 4 times!!!  Even though I whispered over to my husband to look at my tummy in the middle of church, he still missed seeing all the kicks.  But that's okay, daddy got to listen to little girls heart beat yesterday at our 22 week check up and he was thrilled with that!
Life has been wonderful lately!

- I love being pregnant and it's a real joy getting ready for this baby to make her appearance in 4 short months.

- We had a glorious mother's day weekend filled with fun and yet very relaxing activities.  A blog post filled with pictures is in the making :)

- I've been discovering so many fantastic blogs lately!

-  My grandma is my newest blog reader and it's such a great way for her to stay up-to-date with what's going on in our lives. 

- Yesterday morning I stared at a very empty fridge.  I realized that it was time to do some serious grocery shopping.  While my bill says it was a serious grocery run, I'm still at loss as far as meal planning this week.  I can't seem to get my act together and I have nooooo desire to cook anything complicated these days!  

- This weekend should be wonderful.  I'm looking forward to a friend visiting for the weekend and my hubby and brother painting while we stay out of the house and away from the fumes.  

- I'm working on setting a few manageable goals between now and the beginning of June.

- Hopefully this Friday I can make the most of my day off of work.  I'm going to do some serious decision making as I finally work on picking out and buying the paint for the nursery!  If I do this one thing on Friday, I will be thrilled!!!

- Two of my good friends have their baby showers both on June 21st and I'm already getting ready and excited for these happy festivities =)  Plans underway! 

-  Now off to do my prenatal exercises.  Doctors orders!  My hubby and I are working on walking 10 miles a week together.  Man, doing stairs are another story!!!  Bring me 5 glasses of ice water and a very cold ice pack please =)  I think I need to join a gym just to get myself motivated.....neeeed motivation, seriously!

- On that happy note.....anyone know of where to buy maternity workout clothes????  I'm talking like, breathable comfy Nike shorts, just like the ones I used to wear before I was pregnant.  Finding maternity clothes is by far the hardest part of pregnancy.  Any suggestions would be great!


  1. You are radiant! And more than half way there :) Isn't it amazing to feel (and see) them move for the first time?? :)

  2. You're gorgeous as always!:)That is so awesome you're starting to see your tummy move! I miss you like crazy! I love your Grandma she was checking out my blog at your wedding! So cute! Whose coming to visit?! Yes get on those exercises girl! I tried to motivate you when you were here lol:) I am at a serious loss for what to cook lately too, but I am so hungry:) ha ha not surprising I know!

  3. Looking great! I'm walking a lot, too. Our neighborhood is a 3.2 mile loop and I try to walk it every other day. I walked 6 flights of stairs in a parking garage to my car yesterday and just about died. I feel so out of shape, but there's only so much we CAN do! I went to Motherhood over the weekend and FINALLY found maternity cotton shorts. They are sorta like those old "soffee" shorts, and were cheap, and I'm living in them at home these days.


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