Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

This was my very first mother's day and it was such a wonderful and relaxing weekend with all the family!  Saturday afternoon we went to Bonefish Grill to celebrate my brother's eighteenth birthday and mother's day with my mom and grandma.  Salad, shrimp, crab cakes, oh my!!!  Not to mention the key lime pie that is out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!  I could have eaten that for dinner, but my doctor probably wouldn't have been too happy with me.  =)  
Can't believe this guy is 18 already!  How time flies.

It was nice being able to celebrate with grandma!

And here you have four generations of girls =)
Yes, we are perfectly normal ;)
Then Sunday morning we woke up in time to have a relaxing breakfast down at the train station.  
It was gorgeous out and the perfect weather for being out on the patio!
Then off we went to the Arlington race track for the rest of the afternoon.
Here's the hubby, betting on his first horse race of the day.

My winnings from betting on "Irish Nugget" =)  A great name there. 
And the winnings from the next race.....  We were on a nice little winning streak for awhile!
It was like National Velvet come to life!
It was such a fun and incredibly relaxing day watching the horses race.  Spending time with Charlie's side of the family is always a nice time.  We enjoyed seeing which horses were racing next and then consulted to see which horses we would each bet on.  I can't wait to go back again this summer!  It's the perfect little weekend excursion =)

I feel beyond blessed to be a mother already and can't wait for next mother's day when I will have this little babe in my arms!!!  It's such a beautiful, new and exciting stage of life and I learn and grow through it each day.  

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  1. What a fun Mother's day weekend! You're going to be such an amazing Mom! I am so excited for you:)! I cannot believe that Xavier is 18 either!! National Velvet is exactly what I was thinking when you first told me you were going to the races, or My Fair Lady! How fun, and you went away richer! WIN WIN! haha I can't wait to see you!:)


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