Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our BIG baby announcement!!!

Here we are at 21 weeks and so in love with our little one!
Just last week we had our one ultrasound and we were beyond happy to find out that we are having a baby....
That's right, a beautiful bundle of pink is joining our family this Fall.
Our little girl was already being a little stinker during her ultrasound.  It took the technician four tries to find out what we are having.  She politely kept her little legs crossed most of the time.  At first I was soooo disappointed and seriously thought we were going to be missing our one opportunity to find out what we were having.   We were nearing the end of an hour and still no knowing what we were having.  I quickly started talking to our little one telling him or her that he/she better start cooperating so  we could find out what baby was!   We only had one shot at this, or we wouldn't know until baby was born.
There we were the last five minutes and the technician said, "Okay, here we go!!!  See this here, that's a girl!!!"  She even humored us (in the below right picture) with showing us her little arm and leg!  What a good girl =)  She uses those legs every single day now to kick me a ton and I LOVE IT!!!
And there my husband was, "I knew it!!! I always knew it." and that's why the above picture of pink flowers and "It's a Girl" sign is back from day one when I told my hubby we were pregnant.  He knew all along!!!
 Odin is happy to be a big brother =)
 And we are beyond thrilled to be parents to a little baby girl!
 Guess we can keep all the pink!

 Now we can really get to work on our little girl's nursery!!!
I can't wait to get the room painted in the next few weeks and finish picking out her bed linens.
Although I still have low energy, I'm getting antsy to get her room finished.   It will probably be a few months yet.  One thing at a time, and it all takes time.
We love you sweet baby girl!!!  Mommy and Daddy can't wait to meet you!!!!


  1. New reader here! :) Love the blog and congrats! Such a beautiful dog! husky?

  2. So sweet!! Somehow I think she is going to be 'daddy's little girl!' =)


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