Friday, May 30, 2014

A Friday Update ~ week 24

 Yesterday was 70 degrees, overcast and gorgeous out, so....
we decided to take a walk.
When I looked down, this was my view:
 Actually, being able to see me feet is quickly fading....
because in reality.....
this was my view!!!! =)
I'm perfectly fine with that.  
I love the view of my little girl!

I also love having a Friday off from work so that I can catch up on life.   These are the days when I just wish I could slow down time, or have 48 hrs. in the day.  So much to do and not enough time!
We are getting super excited around here for our trip to Hawaii with my husband's family.....only 3 weeks away!
Oh boy am I dreading heading out and finding a swim suit this year :(  I know I keep putting this errand off and in the end, there I will be two days before our trip, without a swimsuit and in tears.  The minor pregnancy problems!

With this gorgeous weather comes many relaxing lunches with my hubby on our back porch.

I'm definitely looking forward to having friends and family over this summer so we can barbeque and eat summer foods out back along with some Ben Howard jams.

I had forgotten about Tazo Chai Tea till just the other day when I rediscovered the triple pack at Costco.  It's such a relaxing and refreshing drink on a hot day!

Just counting down the days till my best friend comes to visit in less than two weeks!!!!  She will be the first to enjoy sleeping in the baby's room =)  She is gonna have to resist the comfort of the baby's crib!

The chiropractor is this pregnant mamas new best friend.  It will probably be the best
investment during my pregnancy as it is already helping my back pain and the tingling sensation in my hands.  On the plus plus side, it will help lead to a faster and easier labor or at least here is to hoping!!!

This weekends plans include a 5k walk at the down syndrome center my sister goes to, cleaning up house and our 5th prenatal class.

What are your weekend plans???
  Sipping tea?  Reading a good book? Napping?
I totally approve of any or all of the above =)


  1. Don't you worry about that swimsuit :) Got mine at Target last year - it was a dark, fun pattern that covered the whole bump (and more)! You will look GREAT with that cute baby in a maternity suit!!!

  2. Bahaha yes that crib will be hard to resist!:) I cannot wait either!! It's just around the corner. You will probably find the cutest maternity suit I've ever seen and it will be on sale and you'll somehow get more money knocked off because that is how you roll!:) you always get the best deals! I'm glad tge chiropractor is helping. I've never had good luck with them. I can't wait to hang out on your back porch:)

    See you soon!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Nikki!!! I did end up finding not one, but two adorable suits for really cheap!! Double score =) I've been to the pool once already and boy does it help lift the belly up.....I know where I'm living this summer! =) Heading over to see if you've posted on your wonderful blog lately!

  4. Counting down the days!!!! I hope we have wonderful weather while you are here. I did end up finding two great swim suits, so I'm happy =)

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