Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Birthday Celebrations!

My Sweet Grandma Lois sent me this e-mail yesterday.  In many many ways I am alot like my grandmother and I love her dearly!!!  I'll let her tell the story about the day I was born.   On a fun side note: it took my parents several days to name me! : )  Happy 4th of July everyone ~ Let the fireworks begin!!!

Dear  Maggie,  Facebook keeps reminding us about your 26th birthday -- it doesn't have to -- it was an event I will never forget -- you don't remember but you were born at home (I'm sure your mom and dad have told you the story) -- your Mom called and I came over from work to watch Jenny -- when I got there things were moving fast -- I asked your Mom what I could do -- she said we had to move the bed to the wall  -- and if I remember right -- wash the towels -- we sent Kevin downstairs to watch out for the doctor -- I wasn't as nervous back then because I was still too young to worry -- when the Dr. came (I believe he got lost) -- Kevin took Jen and I to the park to play -- then I got nervous and said we're too far away -- let's go back -- we weren't gone long -- got back and YOU WERE ALREADY BORN -- what a day -- It was and always will be a special day -- happy birthday (July 3) you are and always will be a special person -- love, Grandma and Grandpa Miller

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